Collection: Butt Plugs

A butt Plug for the initiated is a wonderful little naughty pleasure device. Incredibly intimate and Butt Plugs can be worn and loved by anyone.

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At PlayBlue we stock every imaginable ButtPlug. Silicone Butt Plugs, Remote Controlled Butt Plugs, Jewel Butt Plugs, Ribbed Butt Plugs, Glass Butt Plugs all the way down to simple to use Beginners Butt Plugs.

Butt Plugs are often in Ireland almost feared and sometimes even seen as a purely Gay Sex Toy. Thankfully with a little slow experimentation the Irish Public are waking up to the pure pleasure of Butt Plugs. The variety of materials and size of modern Butt Plugs will surely entice even the most reluctant Butt Plug sceptics to pop a little pleasure and offer a world of new sensations. Make sure to start your Butt Plug journey small and soon you'll be wearing your Butt Plug to work you wait and see. As with nearly every sex toy and especially anal play sex toys trust us use plenty of Lubricant - there literally is no such thing as too much lube!