Collection: Prostate Massagers

Prostate Massage is something all men should try and can give you the most incredible unique sexual experiences of your life, Convinced?

Check out our PlayBlue - Top 5 Best Prostate Massagers

Prostate Massagers are designed to stimulate the prostate gland or sometimes referred to as the P-Spot which is located about two inches inside the anus on the penis side. Stimulating it can feel incredible and some men can orgasm from this alone. The prostate they say is like a landmine once you hit it you'll explode.

Prostate Vibrators and Massagers are designed to stimulate this region and can be used alone or during sex. This combination can make orgasms much stronger and more full bodied. 

The prostate gland's primary function is to produce seminal fluid and really can be seen as the base of the penis with the Urethra running through it. Massage of the prostate is very healthy and the release of seminal fluid is believed to help reduce the instance of Prostate Cancer. 

Many straight men in Ireland still have fear of any anal play but once Prostate Play is attempted guaranteed you won't be able to stop yourself. 

PlayBlue loves P-Spot Massage and we stock a great range of Prostate Sex Toys from great brands like Satisfyer, Rocks Off and Rebel and many more.

Remember the golden rules of any anal play, Start Small, Go Slow and use Plenty of lubricant. Prostate Massage one of the only pleasures just for us Men - Savour it.