Payment Options with PlayBlue

Have it Your Way

At PlayBlue we want to make it as painless and easy as possible to purchase off us. This is why we have a few options choose one that suits you. In the payment process you will be presented with the list of payment options you have each is 100% secure and safe.

We never store payment details and unless you telephone in your order never actually even see the card details. Our main payment providers are Shopify Payment backed by Stripe both huge world-class providers and your payments are preformed on their servers. So we never have access to your card details making it 100% safe to shop with us as your details can never be compromised if we never even see them right?

Our payment options are as follows.

Shopify Card PaymentsCard Payments

Our main payment provider is Shopify Payments which is backed by Stripe one of the worlds leading payment companies. This allows you to pay using all major credit and debit cards. This will be the default payment option in the payment section on checkout.

Shopify Payments are 100% secure and the payments are actually performed on the Stripe Pay servers. We do not have any access to your payment details as we don't need to know.

Payments will appear on your statements as PB Ltd.

Express Card PaymentsExpress Payments

We offer easy safe express payment options with Google Pay, Apple Pay and Shop Pay. To use just click on the express payment button of your choice on the first checkout page.

These payment options are super easy to use on mobile and of course are backed by the biggest names in the Tech world making them 100% secure.

Payments will appear on your statements as PB Ltd.

Sex Toys Shop OrderlineTelephone - Order line

If you like to deal with real people then just call us on our order line. Our sales team is there to help and advise you to choose the right product. We can take payment and delivery details on the phone and process your order straight away. We can accept credit and debit cards directly over the phone so it really couldn't be easier, oh and we're super friendly too.

No card details are stored with your order and the payment is processed while you are on the line.

Our order line is open from 10am-6pm Monday - Saturday and from 12-6pm on Sunday. The number is +353 (021) 427-9670

Billing Address, What's this?

We need this for payment validation but we do not use it to send anything and will never contact you with this address, promise.

Still have a Question?

Just give us a call and we'll do our best to make paying for orders on PlayBlue as easy as possible.