Your ultimate guide to butt plugs

There is a huge selection of butt plugs nowadays, and this is very good and also very intimidating if you are just starting out. 

You are curious. And you want to experience something that you have a desire for, that seems hot and lots of people are raving about, while others think it is gross or find it painful.

So you are looking for tips and ideas about how to get the best toys and of course the best experience. Here I am to help you to find your way. (Have you read my blog post about anal pleasure?)

Why butt plugs?

You are right. Butt plugs are not the only way to experience anal pleasure of course. They are mostly used for 2 reasons: 

preparation for anal penetration/play and/or because of the deeply satisfying feeling of fullness and wholeness of wearing one.

Our buttholes are sensitive and very pleasurable, if you add the taboo part as well you create a hot drive for experiencing the bliss that you are wired for.

Do you need a different butt plug if you are a man or a woman?

There are 2 kinds of butt plugs in this area. “General” butt plugs for anybody and butt plugs for extra prostate stimulation. So if you have a prostate (or P-spot) you can choose any butt plug or the ones especially for prostate play. The P-spot butt plugs are more curved.
It is a bit similar to dildos for vaginas. You can have “general” ones, and ones especially for g-spot play. Both are perfect, “just” providing a different stimulation.
So the question is what do you want to feel? And where? 

Let’s talk about the right material for you


The most common material for butt plugs is silicone. They are easy to clean, hygienic and versatile. You can have them in plenty of shapes, colors and sizes. Silicone is the lightest of all the materials, however you can have some weighted ones, hence they feel amazing. So you don’t necessarily need to have a bigger toy in order to have that very satisfying weighted experience. 

They are also very comfortable.

The limitation of the silicone material is that it is only compatible with waterbased lubes. The ideal ones are the water based anal lubes, that are thicker in consistency. 


Glass toys are more and more popular. It is easy to clean and sanitize them (you can even put them in the dishwasher). You can warm them up or cool them if you want, and you can use any lube to your liking. They are less comfortable to wear them longer. I would recommend them more to play and prepare.


Metal plugs are a bit heavier than the silicone ones, so they can feel more pleasurable to some people. Also they are very durable and safe for any kind of lube.

Shape, size and texture

The classic “general” butt plug shape has a base that can be round or narrow, body and a neck that connects the base and the body. 

The narrow base is more ideal if you want to wear the plug for a longer period, hence it fits perfectly between the cheeks.

The round base is often decorated, so that it can add extra beauty or sensuality to the plug.
Like a furry base or a jewelled one. 

Regarding the neck… Some people (like me) don't like a narrow neck, others do. That is not something that you can decide by logic, it is something that your anus “decides” for you.

When it is about expanding to new territory in your erotic life some things can be surprising. Your body has its own preferences, so it is trial and error sometimes. 

When it is about the body of the plug of course size matters. Start smaller first and slowly you can go bigger if you feel like it. A bigger toy does not necessarily mean more pleasure for you. (But of course it can.)

Most plugs are cone shaped, while others are curved or are round or made from several balls. Some plugs are ribbed or textured in other ways.

And of course some butt plugs can vibrate as well. My personal favourite is the Vibrating Remote Controlled Rechargeable Butt Plug. The shape is very “general”, so anybody can benefit from it. The material is nice silicone. The base is narrow, so it fits perfectly between the cheeks if you want to wear a bit longer. And also has the remote control, which makes it ideal for playing with some vibrations even in public, still hidden. 

If you want a plug that is comfortable, wearable and ideal for prostate play, than the Fun Factory Bootie plugs can be the best choice for you. Click here for the small and for the large one.

If you are cock bodied and into kinky play this harness with the butt plug can be something that you are looking for. The harness with the cock ring adds the extra spice and the neck of the plug is super flexible. It has a round base, so you will remember wearing it.

Maybe you have already lots of experiences with anal play and you want to invest into something long lasting and hmmm substantial. The Doxy Ribbed Butt Plug is heavy (155 gr), it is ribbed and a real work of art. 

Maybe you want something smaller and safe to tap into anal play, you will love the Booty Beau Small Silicone Plug.

Look around and choose your favourite by clicking here.

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