This is a list of all the obvious questions we could think of plus some of the questions we are commonly asked in our customer support. We believe people like to help themselves and we plan to grow this section to hopefully answer nearly all the questions about PlayBlue you could have.


1. Is it safe to order online?

With a little bit of investigation to ensure that the retailer you are using is legit and has a real trading record then absolutely. see here for full details.

2. Are the Payment options safe to use?

With modern security technology and the charge back options available with all our payment providers Shopify Card Payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay. They are 100% safe and all payments actually are preformed on their servers so we never even see the payment details We are over 10 years selling online if we weren't trustworthy we'd be long gone at this stage.

3. Do PlayBlue store my credit card details?

No, with all our payment providers we don't actually receive them as the payments are made off-site on the payment providers servers not on our servers. If you make an order over the phone we will of course get your card details but we do not store them and just process payment and delete them.

4. I didn't receive a confirmation email?

Please check that the email address you entered was correct and also check your spam folder on your email client. If you are still concerned please call us and we'll confirm your email address and send the email again.

5. I received a confirmation email but I haven't paid yet?

With PayPal orders we actually send the confirmation email when you are off site processing the payment with PayPal, so you could receive the confirmation email prior to completing payment. But of course we only process paid orders.

6. Are the Payment option safe to use?

We use the biggest online payment providers in the world Shopify/Stripe Payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay etc. This is about as safe and secure as it can get. Any concerns please call us and we'll try our best to make you comfortable using PlayBlue.
p.s. You know where we are so you rest assured know we're not running off with your money.

7. Do I have to order online?

No you can choose to call us on our order line on +353 (021) 427-9670 or you can call into PlayBlue in person and place an order.

8. How come I didn't get a free gift?

Due to our ongoing efforts to resist price increases when everything around us is going mad we have paused giving out free gifts, sorry.

9. What happens if you do not have my order in stock?

This happens very rarely as we ship over 99% of orders next day as we hold everything in stock. If you are unlucky we will send you an email straight away with our apologies and the expected delivery time. It is never more the 2-4 days as we get daily shipments from our suppliers. We will always offer to ship you a replacement which is at least the same value straight away.

9. Just Ordered but I changed my mind and want to cancel?

No problem we all change our mind sometimes. We have no problem cancelling orders until they are dispatched. Just call us (best) or email us and we'll process the refund. If your order has already entered dispatch I'm afraid you will need to return the order to us. You can see our full details in our returns policy here.


1. Is my order packed discreetly?

We double and sometimes triple pack the orders with the external packaging a plain grey plastic weatherproof mailer totally non-descript. You can checkout a video of us packing a sample order here

2. Can I get it delivered to my work address?

Yes of course and rest assured the parcel is super discreet so no one will have a clue to its contents or who delivered it. In fact about 30% of our deliveries are to work addresses.

3. What time will it arrive?

We can't really tell you exactly as it varies from locality to locality. But as a rule of thumb the couriers usually arrive in the morning. You can contact the courier directly to get a more exact time of arrival see here.

4. Can I organise to collect my package?

You can choose to collect your parcel at your local GLS depot or using your Parcel Motel account or of course directly from PlayBlue in Cork or Tallaght. For full details see delivery options.

5. Can I choose to use An Post?

No unfortunately not.

6. What does DEPOT COLLECTION mean and how does it work?

This is an delivery option where the parcel is sent to the local GLS Depot and is then available for collection there. Please note the location of the nearest GLS Depot before choosing this delivery option to ensure it is convenient. The address for Depot Collection parcels will have DEPOT COLLECTION as the first line of the address.

7. Are PlayBlue connected to Parcel Motel

We have no association with Parcel Motel. To use Parcel Motel you need a Parcel Motel account and read how to use their service on their website.

8. Why does the courier need my phone/mobile number?

The courier will only accept a parcel from us with a phone number. This is because the courier invariably tries to contact you prior to attempting delivery to ensure you are available to receive it. We will only use the number you give us during the delivery process or to contact you about problems with your order.

9. Can I track my order?

With our courier delivery option (the default shipping method) you will receive a track code and link so you can track your parcel progress. The link will not work until the parcel is collected by the courier which happens around 4pm weekdays. With An Post no tracking option is available and finally with Parcel Motel once the parcel arrives at the Parcel Motel depot it can be tracked from your Parcel Motel account.

10. Can I talk to my local courier?

Yes you can. We use GLS Couriers and they have a courier locator so you can talk to the local courier delivering your parcel. see here. The courier will attempt to call you prior to delivery so please keep your phone on and close to you when expecting a delivery.

11. What happens if the courier fails to deliver?

The courier will try for 5 days and each attempt will be recorded on the tracking detail for your parcel. After this the parcel will usually be returned to us. We will then contact you to try to resolve the shipping problems. We reserve the right to charge an additional shipping fee in this instance. You're best bet is contact the local courier if you are concerned and all tracking information is on the tracking link you receive with the Shipping email.

12. How come I see a €4 shipping fee, I thought you offered free delivery?

We offer free delivery to all orders of €20 or more. If your order falls below this amount we add the shipping contribution of €4 to help us cover the shipping costs.


1. There is a problem with my order, what now?

Well just contact us and we'll sort it out, we are unlike most businesses you'll come across in that we really want to make this right because return business is what will decide our future. Just checkout our customer service and we'll soon have you a happy little camper again.

2. Are you really Irish, the Internet is riddled with cowboys?

Yes absolutely, the founders are Robert Doyle and Richard Cullen and we have always operated from Kilkenny. We started as all good internet start-ups should in a garage but well we've since graduated to become Ireland's favourite online sex shop. Visit us in one of our shops in Cork or Tallaght.

3. How quickly are returns processed?

Nearly always the day we receive them. If the parcel was sent using An Post can be a long period of time from the initial shipping date due to the delay in uncollected post returning.

But if you ship a return back to us and everything meets our normal returns policy then we'll process it straight away.

4. Why open a shop?

Well we started in Kilkenny with two founders Robert Doyle and Richard Cullen are both living in Kilkenny. So really it was a matter of convenience. We wanted to test out our retail ideas that we had learnt online and well Scandalous in Kilkenny was the perfect fit. Our plans are to expand but not until we have finished tinkering with the model in PlayBlue Kilkenny. 
Well we finished tinkering and have closed the shop in Kilkenny on March 2022  and now have shops open in Tallaght and Cork.

5. Do you sell any Viagra or something similar?

No. Just go to your local pharmacy and ask for Viagra Connect. The sale of these types of products tend to be illegal in Ireland and at best the legality of a product in this category is a grey area. We have chosen to just steer clear of the whole lot I'm afraid.

6. Why no DVDs?

Really DVDs? Let me introduce you to this thing called the Internet, it's great for buying sex toys, booking holidays, snooping on people on social media, watching cat videos and of course its main reason to exist porn.

7. Do you sell poppers?

The legality of poppers at best is questionable so unfortunately no, we do not sell poppers. Until we can get clarity that poppers are safe and legal we will not be selling poppers, sorry.