Collection: Gifts

Giving and receiving with PlayBlue is like sharing a little sexy fun with our huge range of novelty and sexy presents that will have your partner all a glow.

Make Valentine's a special naughty sexy treat you'll both remember with a gift of love from PlayBlue. A little naughty sexy surprise might just make sure that special day goes off with a bang!

Nearly any occasions can be made a little sexier with a sexy gift from PlayBlue. Perfect for a naughty Kris Kindle with a selection of gifts under a tenner. To novelty gifts for Stags or Hen parties that will shock and excite in equal measure.  I mean is it even a hen party with Penis straws? Or a Stag party without a blow up doll?

Sexy Birthday presents never fail to satisfy with sexy lingerie or the latest greatest vibrators or even a couples erotic gift set. Fancy a Holy Night with a little Bondage Play Gift who could resist? Sexy Christmas Gifts with PlayBlue make the day.

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The art of giving just got a new sexy partner and our name is PlayBlue.