Collection: Anal Sex Toys

Anal Sex Toys have really come into the mainstream and PlayBlue just loves a little Backdoor action. New or want a little help the checkout our Anal Sex Toys Guide to help you decide.

Anal Sex Toys are exploding (not literally) in popularity and the range and options available now is breathtaking.

One vital place to start in discussing Anal Play is Lubricant - You can't Play Anal without Anal Lube - it'll hurt and is not pleasant. Trust me get Lube and plenty of it.

For beginners start small with a Butt Plug or some Anal Beads, go slow and lube up. This is not a competition if you play around the Anus with no penetration that is cool. 

When you want to ramp it up a bit take a look at out massive Butt Plug selection in every size and texture - Glass Plugs, Metal Butt Plugs, Silicone, Rubber we have it all. 

Prostate Play is really something EVERY man should, it will change your sex life and once you pop your Anal Cherry you will be mad to explore.

Remember go slow and only go as big as you need - But is you want Big Anal Sex Toys we have them too. Finally with our selection of Anal Douches and Enemas we can ensure you are in Tip Top condition for your next Anal Sex Play.