Why you should care about the materials in your sex toy

It is vitally important you consider the material your sex toy is made from. Not only because of sensation preference but also to ensure you stay safe while using your sex toy. Let us give you the 101 of Sex Toy materials.

Sex Toys Kits - A little bit of Everything

Not a clue what to buy? How about a little bit of everything with one of our great value sex toy kits. You get to pack your bedside locker with loads of sexy options and gives you the freedom to explore and taste something a little naughty and new!

Cock Rings - The Beginners Guide

Learn the basics of Cock Rings. Simple to use and 100% effective when used properly. Great fun everyone should play around with at least once.

Lubes - Pro and Cons

Lubes - Pro and Cons

I think is safe to say that lubricant (Lube) can be your best friend during bedroom pursuits, whether you are with a partner or having some fun with just you and your favourite toys. However, considering the amount of lotions and potions you can be faced with, it can be hard to know what is the right bottle for the...

Parcel Motel Now FREE to use with PlayBlue

We have struck agreement with Parcel Motel to now offer FREE deliveries and pickups using Parcel Motel. No need for an account with Parcel Motel all you need is an Irish Mobile Number and you choose the Parcel Motel location you want to pick-up at. That’s It! No charge to Pickup for you either we’ll cover that too. Normal Free...

New Sex Shop - No one bats an eyelid!

Have we grown up at last a little as a country? Only 18 months ago PlayBlue was the devil when we tried to open in Drumcondra, now no one bats an eyelid.

How would your town/community welcome us?