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We love talking to our customers so please don't hesitate to ask us any question or just drop us a line to tell us how we're doing. At PlayBlue we really are all about the customer and are here to try and help you get the best shopping experience we can.

Got a Quick Question?

We are available to talk on (021) 427-9670 during business hours. You can of course email us at and we respond usually within minutes on during business hours too. 

Waiting for a Delivery

What it hasn’t arrived yet! Someone will be whipped for this. Problem is working at PlayBlue they might enjoy it!

First off really sorry your order hasn't arrived yet, this is not how we do business. The first and best place to check is the shipping email as it will have the tracking details (unless it shipped Standard Post). Of course you can just call us or email us and we'll find out what is going on. Please include the order number on the email so we can help you straight away.

We have more detailed help on finding out what happened to you order and the steps to take to get it here.

Email :-

Phone :- +353 (021) 427-9670

Customer Support / Returns

If you want to talk to one of our helpful support staff about a product or order or want to organise a return please do, don't worry we don't bite unless we're asked really nicely. We are here to help.

Our primary focus is to create the best online sex shop with the most satisfied customers. So if you have any issue please calls us or email us and we'll be right on it.

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Phone :- +353 (021) 427-9670


If you just want to tell us what a good job we're doing and how happy you are, we'd love to hear it. More importantly if we've disappointed you in some way or you think there is something we could improve on please tell us, it'd help us alot and we'd really appreciate it.

We can promise that we really do act on suggestions and comments as our customers are what drives us to constantly improve and do better. We really believe in PlayBlue and want to remain the best online sex store out there.

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Phone :- +353 (021) 427-9670

Media & Press

Is you have any queries or questions relation to public relation or from the media please visit our Media Page for full details.

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Phone :- +353 (021) 427-9670

Are we Legit?

This is a common fear about people using the internet especially when it comes to shopping for sex toys, so we wanted to address it here to help you feel more comfortable with our bona fide's

We're Irish, we have two locations one in Cork and one in Tallaght (see our addresses below you can visit us we're open). We pay all the National Taxes, let's not get talking about taxes and just move on shall we... our VAT number is IE9830529F (check it EU Vat Check). Finally our Company number is 512997.

We also hold the Trademark on our name PlayBlue™ and can be checked on the government trademark website see PlayBlue Trademark Our trademark registration number is 265455

We will never sell anything illegal, we also will never sell anything related to Teenagers or Children. Even if a product has the word Teen or Child in the description we won't sell it, if you're in the market for that kind of thing you are at the wrong shop.

If you are still in any doubt call us up and talk to us we'd love to here from you, better still why not pop in to one of our shops in either Cork or Tallaght.

Email :-

Phone :- +353 (021) 427-9670

Visit Us

We have a bricks and mortar sex shop in Cork, Ireland right in the middle of town on Careys Lane. We have the same great prices and selection as our online shop. We have over 1,500 products on display in store

Click for full details on our Cork store

We also have a large store in Tallaght Dublin with even more products in stock and the same great service and prices you'd expect from PlayBlue. 

Click for full details on our Tallaght store

Want to Write Us

How very traditional of you and we love receiving mail just once they are for "Bill". So if you have something to say about PlayBlue or an order you placed or a piece of advice write away. By the way my birthday is the 23rd of September for any birthday cards.

Our address is:- PlayBlue Ltd, Unit 4 Tuansgate, Belgard Sq East, Tallaght, D24 AW28