Collection: Anal Vibrators

Add a little Buzz to your Anal Play with our range of Anal Vibrators. Fantastic Anal Sex Toys with the added vibrations to add a new dimension to your sex life.

We sell all the usual Anal Play toys Butt Plugs, Prostate Sex Toys and loads more. The best usually offer the option to vibrate your anal play. 

Your ass is one of the the most sensitive parts of your body and has thousands of nerve endings. When you introduce a Vibrating Anal Toy you will be drowned in sexual pleasure. For Prostate Play especially this can make you explode when your Anal Vibrators stimulates your prostate you will feel it through your whole body. 

Vibrating Butt Plugs and Vibrating Anal Beads are another level up on your Anal Play and with modern silicone rechargeable controllable vibrating power you have total control of the amount of anal pleasure you can endure. 

At PlayBlue we have the lot from Vibrating Anal Strapons, Vibrating Butt Plugs and Prostate Vibrators with loads of brands like Satisfyer, Rocks Off, Fun Factory and Anal Fantasy offering a huge range of high quality Anal Vibrators for every taste and size.