Collection: Gay

What was once described as a Gay Sex Toy are now being swallowed up into the mainstream. But of course there are still Gay Toys and at PlayBlue we have the Best Prices.

Gay Sex Toys at PlayBlue are really split into a couple of categories. We have a range of Cock & Ball Toys. For us this tends to be chunky Power Cock Rings, Leather Adjustable Cock and Ball Rings and a Selection of Metal Cock and Ball Toys. Coupled with Chastity devices, Ball Stretchers, Cock Soundings, Ball Splitters, Scotum Rings and tons more.

Then then are a huge range of Anal Play and Prostate Sex Toys that are targeted as Gay Toys. Truly Gay Anal Toys are now mass market but when it comes to the larger Anal Play Dildos and Plugs the Gay Customer is king. 

Gay Prostate Toys where a secret and mainstay in Gay Sex for years but now has been adopted by everyone - Thank God, but when it comes to Anal Play you still gotta bow to the the desires of the Gay Sex Toy desires. 

We also of course have a selection of Electro Sex Toys and Penis Pumps and Sleeves that will find a home here. 

There is no rules here, no need to ask permission. If you fancy playing with a 12" Black Dildo (and who wouldn't?) and you are not Gay - Go for it.