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Precious Metalz


Precious Metals Silver Anal Plug

Precious Metals Silver Anal Plug

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A classic shape of forbidden luxury to entice and awaken hidden desires of indulgence and exuberant sensuality, this Precious Metals jewelled silver anal plug will razzle the senses and dazzle in the bedroom.

This silver tear-drop will evoke a hunger for the exquisitely firm and full sensation of a metal plug while the weight will take your customers’ breath away whether they enjoy play alone or with a partner. The smooth surface and slightly tapered tip makes sure that insertion is easy and the two available sizes mean that beginners and advanced anal players can enjoy Precious Metals equally. The wide, jewelled base will ensure both safety and spectacle so all kinky shenanigans can remain carefree. Storage is made easy with a drawstring bag, while cleaning is a breeze with some hot water.

• Pointed tip for easy insertion, wide base for safety

• Jewelled base for added aesthetic pleasure

• Easy to clean smooth surface

• Suitable for temperature play

• For beginners and advanced players alike

• Use with water-, silicone- or oil-based lubricants

• Comes with drawstring bag for easy storage

• Material: Aluminium alloy

• Weight: 140g/450g

• Total length: 7.2cm/2.84” – 9.5cm/3.74”

• Widest point: 2.8cm/1.10” – 4cm/1.57”

Ready to expand your riches? The Precious Metals Collection has a full range of beautifully crafted, jewelled metal anal plugs to add to your crown jewels.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
High quality

5 star


I bought this one with combination of a large one, since i cannot fit the big one first try i use this one to get me ready for larger one.
Overall its great, really confortable to insert it and really solid, the only drawback for me it's that the base get really unconfortable after a certain amount of time wearing it, the base edge could be less sharper.


I always thought I was a bit tight so took all the advice and went for the small size it slipped in no problem but it nearly got lost think I need something with a wider base just to be safe


Got the small and large one. Large doesn't fit yet, but small fits and feels amazing. Walking and sitting really gets the P-Spot ;)

Great starter

My wife wanted to try some anal play so I got her the small one, perfect size for a starter, according to her she has never had a more intense orgasm than when she has it in, nice to look at when shes bending over to lol