Collection: Anal Beads

Anal Beads are an Anal Play Standard designed to give you explosive pops of pleasure with each bead as they slide inside and pop out.

Anal Beads are a revelation to all who try them, they look so innocuous but you wait and see. Usually a set of good anal beads has a graded increase in size so as you push each bead in you feel fuller and more pressure until the eventual release as each bead is popped back out with all the sensations of release and anal massage.

Used on their own as a teasing anal sex toy that builds anticipation on each bead or as a orgasm enhancer where as you approach your climax you pull out the anal beads to combine you orgasm with anal pleasure it just has to be experienced.

PlayBlue has traditional anal beads, a graded set of beads on a string that get bigger and more intense as you go. Some with ribs and edges to enhance the pleasure. We also stock the stick version of anal beads where the beads are in effect attached making them like an anal dildo of love beads. 

You can choose between soft luscious silicone anal bead, uncompromising metal anal beads or even Glass Anal Sex Toys that let you introduce temperature play. 

As usual with Anal Play - Go Slow, Not too Big and Plenty of Lube.