Collection: Massage Oils and Aphrodisiacs

Massage Oils and Aphrodisiacs from PlayBlue can help you get into the mood for lovin' and enhancer your love life, sometimes it's about the journey not the destination.

It doesn't have to be wham bang sometimes a long slow stress relieving massage can build the mood and relax the body and end in the most mind blowing sex of your life. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. 

I'm last person who will diss a quickie but your sex life should not be something to get through as fast as possible. You need to explorer yourself and your partner with relaxing erotic massage using our sensual massage oils and massage candles. A generous application of a scented massage oil and a slow body massage will turn you into their little sexy play thing.

Massage Candles offer a wonderful warm oil massage, light the candle let it burn down a little then wait a moment until applying the warm massage oil for a luxurious decadent massage.

We have sex enhancers that can offer a erotic tingle to your most erogenous areas leaving you a wanton mess and gasping for more. Just a drop or two can grow to a pleasurable tingle that makes you almost too sensitive with every touch becoming an orgasm.

PlayBlue wants you to have a great sex life and our Massage Oils and Candles and Pleasure Products will ensure you can.