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The PlayBlue Deadly Deal newsletter is sent about once per week. I'll admit I can be a little erratic here and sometimes I get a little too excited and shoot out the emails a little more regularly. I can also get a little lazy and I might skip a week - sorry I know, I must be a struggle to live with.

Just subscribe though as the Deadly Deals are absolutely... well Deadly. We usually offer fantastic sex toys with at least 50% off. But beware we don't mess about, they only last 24 hours and if they go really well might sell out before that. This is not one of them fake 24 hour deals that go on all week, I can absolutely tell you it will end after 1 day, if you miss it, you miss it.

If you've placed an order with us already you will have noticed we offer auto subscription in the checkout so you might be subscribed already but it won't hurt to subscribe again just incase.

Don't worry unsubscribing is super easy no messing here, there is a link at the top and bottom of every email that will auto unsubscribe no questions or surveys or pleas. Just click the link and you are gone. 

Finally you might want to whitelist or we might end up in spam and our newsletters usually have images so be prepared to view them on your email.

At the bottom of every page you can see the Subscribe Option just scroll down.