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Incredible Customer Service 

We are all about satisfaction at PlayBlue specifically yours. We want you to be totally 100% happy with the products you purchase at PlayBlue. Most people think Customer Service is all about problems and returns. But not at PlayBlue we believe to be totally happy with the products you buy you need to first choose the right product.

Look don't just take our word for it checkout the tons of 100% independent reviews on TrustPilot we have received

Here at PlayBlue we have a few Customer Service Golden Rules

Rule 1 – Help you Choose

To be happy with the product you buy, it needs to do what it was brought for well and reliably. Unfortunately not all products live up to even these modest expectations. We are constantly updating the product details to include all the information you need to make informed purchases. We want you to order with all the facts.

We are adding a full table of important specifications on each product so you can be absolutely sure of the size, texture, power supply etc of the products you are interested in. This is an ongoing task so bear with us but we are adding this information on a daily basis.

We also by default display the products in order of most popular first. This should help you see what other people are purchasing and seems to work well.

There are real independent reviews on a large number of our products from customers who've purchased, we do not edit them (apart from the odd typo) and we publish them all if they are relevant and fair.

Finally you can of course ring our Advice / Orderline on +353 (021) 427-9670 and we'll talk through your specific requirements and help you choose the right product, don't hesitate that is what we are here for. 

Rule 2 – No Hassle Purchasing & Returns

We want you to find ordering a product from PlayBlue anyway you decide a breeze. We only ask you for the information we absolutely need for you to purchase the product. We will never have reams of 'Are You Sure?' pages or pages of third party rubbish. We sell quality products at the lowest prices we can and offer world class customer service that is all we do. We want you to come again and again.  Learn More 

We also make returns easy and free. Something just not working then return it for free with Parcel Motel. Again we just want to do thing right and for you to be happy you choose PlayBlue for your sex shopping. Check out the full returns details

Rule 3 – The Customer IS Always Right

Even when you're wrong! We really believe that statement because if you're not happy for whatever reason, it's our fault. Just contact us and we'll try our best to make things right. If there's a postal strike, it's our fault, If there's war in Iraq, it's our fault, If the economy is in the toilet, yep it was us, If aliens land and enslave us all, well hard to blame us for that one but we'd try our best to fix it - Dildos make nearly every situation better we find ;-)

You get the message just let us fix it OK?

Rule 4 – Best Price Guarantee

We really are the biggest sex shop in Ireland and stock everything we sell. That scale enables us to get the products we sell at the lowest prices. So this is why we can offer the best prices.

We are so confident in our pricing we guarantee it. Check out our full Best Price Guarantee

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Phone :- +353 (021) 427-9670