PlayBlue Charities

We are delighted to announce that we have decided to give €1 for every single order we get to charity. Giving back to charity is something we have always planned to do and we are delighted to have grown to a scale where we are able to do this.

At PlayBlue we are a little different our goal isn't to become billionaires or own a jet. We created PlayBlue initially because we needed a job (lol) and secondly to create the best damn Adult store we possibly could. We always try to treat our staff and customers as friends and we are proud to be able to extend this help to our first Charity.

The first charity we have picked is 

Tír na nóg 

Tir na nog

Tír na nóg is a fantastic charity started by a Kerry woman called Louise Quill who while working in Tanzania in 2006 was moved by the plight of orphaned and abandoned children. Now the incredible bit, instead of giving a couple of pound to charity and moving on (like 99% of the population would) Louise started Tír na nóg building and running facilities to educate and feed these kids. 

We are delighted to be able through the ongoing support of our customers to help Louise and her team with their incredible work.

I'd ask you to take a look at their website and learn about this inspirational charity and maybe even donate a couple of quid yourself too.

The work and drive people like Louise have would put you to shame wouldn't it.

We have mentioned this charity donation to let our customers know that they are also giving but we have no intention of shouting about it on social media or on newsletters etc. We have provided a permanent link to PlayBlue Charities in the footer of the page and as we add more charities we will keep this updated.

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