Best Price Guarantee

PlayBlue Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee that we won't be beaten on price, and that is not just idle empty promise, It's a PlayBlue Guarantee!

PlayBlue have always done pricing different to our competitors. We don't gauge the market looking for a price it can bear, we just price it as low as we possibly can to make our small margin. We have the scale to get our products cheaper then anyone else in Ireland and combined with our low margin pricing we can't be beaten on price.

If by some fluke we are not the lowest price - We guarantee to at least match this lowest price. So if you find any of our products at a cheaper price elsewhere, tell us!

We'll then drop our prices to match or if you've already purchased contact us and we'll refund of the difference, but trust me this is super rare as we are the cheapest.

Let me just be super clear - We Guarantee to at least Match or Beat any real price you can find from an Irish online store or physical store.

How Our Price Guarantee Works

  • Our Price guarantee is valid before purchase and up-to 7 days after purchase.
  • It applies to advertised or online listed prices for websites or physical stores based in the Republic of Ireland.
  • The product must be in stock and the exact same model
  • To apply for the guarantee just email us a copy of the advert or the URL (link) of the online listed product.
  • This does not apply to Free Products or Products in Bundles or Limited Time Special Offers or Clearance Items or Special Negotiated Prices.
  • When Price Comparing we will take Shipping, Taxes/Charges and Extra Costs for Payment into account.
  • Obviously we only price match against New and Genuine products. No secondhand or knockoffs.
Best Price Guarantee