Collection: Dilators & Urethral Sounding

A collection of Penis Dilators and Penis Restriction play devices that will have you gasping for relief but praying for it to last longer. Penis Dilators and Urethral Sounding play is becoming more popular with the unique pleasure that this practice can offer, is it a sexual pleasure like no other.

I do not want to put you off from your journey of discovery but safety is obviously important in using Dilators or Sounding sex toys and you should only progress slowly if at all. The plan here is to explore the sensations and see where you may find pleasure we do not want Penis Dilators or Urethral Sounding toys to inflict real pain or cause damage. Also vital is hygiene as you will be sliding these sex toys into your penis and infection or obstructions can cause real problems so sterilise everything. 

Dilators come in all sizes from 1mm all the way to 14mm which is definitely not for the beginner. Don't forget the lube and go slowly.. no slower then that. 

Don't forget half the fun of using sounding devices is to get your partner (or you if flexible enough) to hum into the sounder to vibrate the inside of the urethra.