How to Get a Great Sex life

PlayBlue are here to help make your sex life better and more fulfilling. We offer an incredible range of the best priced sex toys and we have knowledgeable staff on hand to answer any questions you might have. But still we felt we wanted to go further which is why we are paying our own inhouse sex coach Viktoria to offer advice and help to our customers for free. 

Viktoria Sex Coach

Viktoria is a fully certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach one of only a couple in the country and has years of experience in the field. She has worked with PlayBlue for a couple of years and if you pop into our Tallaght store she might be behind the counter if you are lucky.

First off we asked Viktoria to create videos and blog posts that can offer advice and help to our customers and let me tell you she is great at it. We have hundreds of videos and posts about everything from Let’s Talk Dirty. Prostate Massage - Basics, Is Squirting Pee?, Penis Training, Elevate Your Clit Play .. need I go on? Viktoria is prolific at creating magic sex coach content with new stuff being added almost daily. 

Viktoria has also road-tested and reviewed loads of sex toys for us and has become our in-house PlayBlue sex toy expert. If Viktoria doesn’t know what to do with it - It’s is not a sex toy. You can and should checkout Viktoria's honest and clear reviews. No sugar coating here I can promise you that - unless sugar coating is a thing now, is it? I don't know, Is it? Help Viktoria….

Finally Viktoria also offers free private one-to-one advice on the PlayBlue platform to help you to achieve your sexual goals. This takes the form of an email exchange you can initiate from her PlayBlue Webpage. Once you send a message Viktoria will respond in total confidence. This is a unique incredible service and totally free and confidential and in my view this is so underused it amazes me sometimes. 

You can’t tell me there aren’t hundreds or thousands of people and couples out there in Ireland that Viktoria can’t help and we are offering to pay for it!!

So if you have a weird fetish you want to discuss or you want some advice on anal play or want a little help in how to best approach bondage play we have an expert at PlayBlue ready and willing to help. Viktoria is here to help you have a fulfilling and passionate, juicy sex life and who doesn’t want that!

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