Best Price Guarantee

You see this on websites often and usually to be honest it is just a marketing ploy with zero backing. Try to claim the guarantee and see where it gets you. 

At PlayBlue we take it seriously because having the lowest prices in Ireland is something we really work hard at. First and foremost, we never push the price to see what the market will bear, we do it differently. 

Best Price

As the biggest sex toy retailer in Ireland I’m sure we can be a pain to deal with for our suppliers, I know because they’ve told me. It is probably my main job to source the best sex toys and then spend the rest of my time arguing for the best price. So I can confidently say no one in Ireland is sourcing sex toys cheaper then us. This gives us the scope to price the way we do. 

For most brands we calculate all our costs and add a little margin and sell it at that price no matter what the market price is. Some brands force a retail price that we can’t drop below but this is the exception rather than the rule.

This pricing methodology is how we can form the basis of our Price Guarantee because we basically know you can not sell non-counterfeit products cheaper in Ireland than us and stay in business. If you do by some miracle see a sex toy for sale in Ireland cheaper then us it is simple to claim the price guarantee

Best Price Guarantee Explained

If you see a price in Ireland for a non-counterfeit product online (Irish website) or retail stores for a lower price we guarantee to at least match it and if you’ve already purchased we’ll refund you the difference. Of course there are a few terms and conditions but nothing silly. Check out all the details here

We have been running this price guarantee for about 6 years and we have had about 1 claim a year. I literally can’t remember the last one. I see price guarantees on other websites but can see even a cursory search shows they are only marketing nonsense. We use our price guarantee as a badge and standard to operate by, we are the Irish sex shop with the lowest prices and challenge anyone to find cheaper if they do we’ll refund you and plug that gap. 

We know what is involved in running an eCommerce store, we’ve been at it 11 years and counting. We know the costs and issues that arise and the problems in keeping prices and costs down in an ever inflationary market but this is what our whole business hangs on being the best and cheapest so it is not up for discussion our Price Guarantee is absolutely mission critical to us and we are proud of it.

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