The sex coach answers: Is squirting pee?

Before we go further here, I want to start with my own, personal point of view here. Science is awesome except when it is not. What I’m discussing here comes from my own research. And if you are going to read about this in other resources, science doesn’t always know the answer to everything and studies sometimes contradict each other.

But the answer to: Is squirting pee seems to be clear now.

You just have to wait to read it. :D

So far according to my knowledge there are 4 types of fluids of vulvas.

2 of these fluids are coming from the vaginal walls:

  • A clear, water like fluid sometimes called as gushing
  • A creamy, white emission coming from the walls of the vagina

2 fluids coming from the urethra: 

  • The female prostatic fluid emission is produced by the Skene’s glands and is a milk-like fluid. Interestingly the number of openings where this fluid is coming from can increase so that more fluid can be discharged. So the more you stimulate the area, the more potential you have to enjoy the slippery wetness here.

  • What we mostly think of as squirting is coming originally from the kidneys. The fluid goes to the bladder and from there pressed out through the urethra. This is why it can contain some urine especially if you haven’t peed beforehand. But it is not urine.

So no, squirting is not pee, but can contain urine. The emptier the bladder the less urine is in it. The studies about whether squirting is urine or not have a lot of twists and turns. 

The study that was used and cited the most times for a long period was made by Dr Alzate. His studies concluded that squirting was indistinguishable from urine. I also have to add that Alzate only tested 1 woman. Some studies (one was in 2009) deny altogether that female ejaculation exists. 

I think you understand my distrust in science and official views on female pleasure altogether  if I add one of “my favourite” parts here that in 2014 (yes, in 2014) the depiction of female ejaculation was banned in porn in Britain, because they stated that it is all urine, so it is unsterile. Sexual fluids are unsterile. Just as male ejaculation, but they have no problem with that.

It seems that today there is consensus that the fluid we call here as squirt has similarities with urine but it is not identical.

When I talk to women about their experience, I listen. I am amazed by the richness and diversity and the similarities of our stories. I’m not saying that science and studies are not to be considered. What I’m saying is that it is worth being curious and having real conversations or following forums when people can openly share their experiences too, so that you can be more informed.
And I want you to know that your experience is valid rather if it fits the actual narrative or not.

You are the expert of your own body and life, nobody else.

When you feel that you have to pee, it is because the bladder wants to release the fluid. You need to relax and push gently. It is easier to allow yourself this, if you peed beforehand and if you don’t have to be afraid if you wet the bed around you.

This is why some women like to experiment with squirting in the bathroom or you can “just” use a towel, a vinyl sheet or a squirting pad.

Make yourself as comfortable as you can, and use lots of lubes.

Some women find it very effective to massage the breasts as a “foreplay” for squirting. Warm up some massage oil, breath deeply and relax into touching and connecting. Then move your attention to the vulva. Feel yourself. Glo slow. Be present. Be curious.

Using a curved glass dildo can help to provide the right amount of pressure. Play with the vulva before penetration. Breath in and out slowly. When you exhale try to press the muscle out rather than tensing up as mostly we do on the orgasmic arch.

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