The basics of prostate massage

Playblue has hundreds of options for anal play for a reason. Anal pleasure is mind-blowing. For real. At least when it is done with care and awareness. Ok. Maybe it is mind-blowing when it is not done with care, but that is not for the majority with people.

But how do you start your prostate massage journey if you want it pleasurable?

First question is:

Do you want to explore it alone or with somebody else?

The prostate is not so easy to reach, so it is a bit challenging to explore it alone. I would recommend choosing a prostate massager.

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The anal area is full of nerve endings. And this means lots of pleasure or lots of pain. There are 2 anal sphincters that you will go through first. The distance between the 2 “rings” is different from person to person, and usually the further the internal sphincter is, the more probable that you are going to experience some pain. So just go slow. And when you feel resistance, just withdraw, relax into the feeling.
The prostate gland has a central role in male sexuality. Not just because of the amazing pleasure the P-spot can provide but also because it produces the prostatic fluid that makes precum and also mixes with ejaculation. When a man ejaculates, the P-spot doubles in size and forces the ejaculation out of the body.

Prostate massage is “just” one of the ways to experience pleasure via the P-spot. You can also massage the outside prostate spot or through the urethra (this is the most direct way).

We will focus on the first one.

Try to experience prostate massage when you are relaxed. The more relaxed you are, the more probable that you are going to end up on the pleasure waggon. Give yourself the freedom to stop and try another time if you are not there. This is not failure. This makes your nervous system less alert the next time. When your arsehole is ready, it almost feels like sucking your finger or toy in.

And of course as always, use a lot of lube to make everything smooth and slippery. When you choose an anal lube, it is thicker than “normal” lube, and stays there better. If you use a silicon toy, you need a waterbased anal lube.

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Don’t wear any rings while you are doing the massage and be very conscious about your nails. Your butthole is sensitive and it is easy to scratch so be careful. You can also use latex or non latex gloves to be sure everything goes smooth and safe. This also helps if you are concerned about hygiene. 

If you choose to use an anal douche for extra cleaning. The water should be warm, to help relax more. Not hot, not cold but nice and warm. So this helps not “only” with the cleanliness but also with the extra relaxation.

Don’t start with vibration first. Start with a toy that allows you to feel everything. When you know the area you can add vibrations.

The best toys for prostate massage:

The Divine Touch is an amazing toy for beginners. It is small, beautifully and ergonomically designed to give you the right amount of pressure. The handle gives you stability. So even when everything is all lubed up, you can keep it in your hand and navigate the pathway easily. :)


The Sono 3-Piece Prostate Stimulator Training Set has the right shape and hence you have 3 different sizes you can go up as you are more relaxed with anal play. You have the curve that helps you to provide the pressure and stimulation that you need. 

The Rocks Off O-Boy Beginner’s Vibrating Prostate Massager has even more curve, the size is really for beginners. There is a textured part for the outside prostate area. And there is also a vibrating bullet, when you decide to try the vibrations. If you like it, you can even swap the bullet to a rechargeable one. 

The Stainless Steel Ribbed G-Spot - P-Spot Stimulator is a toy for a lifetime. Because it is made of steel you can use any lube you want, not only waterbased ones. The ribbed area gives you extra stimulation, the handle adds manageability and if you like the feeling of heaviness this toy will blow your mind.

Ready for penetration?

Usually it is easier to “find” your prostate when you are lying your face downward. Give yourself time to explore. Sometimes it is a bit more challenging to find the prostate. Be patient.

Similarly to the vagina it is not enough to just put your finger in and you are already in heaven. Learn your inner anatomy in a more relaxed and more aroused state too. Be present. And if your arsehole is too tender, or you experience pain, just stop and withdraw.

Experience with different levels of pressure. Go slow first. Add some genital massage to the experience.


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