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Loving Joy


Loving Joy Anal Love Beads

Loving Joy Anal Love Beads

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The ideal addition to any toy box, these soft, flexible love beads are a sexual sensation.

Whether you're looking to feel fuller or to take your orgasms to a new level (pull out at the point of orgasm using the retrieval ring) these beads will leave you wanting more!

Also great for anal training, simply start off small and work your way to the top!

Colour may vary

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Too small

There beads aren't a challenge to get in at all. Go for something larger

It is a lots for less then 7 quid

Could it be a bit longer ? Yes. Could it be a bit softer? Probably yes. It is what its . The end of the day I think it is a lots of fun for less then 7 euros.
Can't go wrong just throw it to the basket and enjoy.

Cheap and Cheerful

Tho a little harder than i was expecting i still found this a great starter anal product..shame its not a little softer tho