The Barbadian singer Rihanna certainly didn’t invent BDSM, but in 2011 she did write a very catchy song about it. ‘S&M’ brought the concept to the masses that hadn’t already been enlightened to the joys of a good spanking, with the clever phrase ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me’. As you can imagine, there was uproar when it was released.

Here at PlayBlue we’re on the same page as Ri-Ri. Not only do whips and chains excite us, but sticks and stones could also break our bones given the opportunity. Please don’t test this theory out. Anyway, we love a good chat about BDSM, as you can tell from reading here and here…and also here. This time around it’s all about whips, floggers, paddles, what have you - basically anything that can redden an ass cheek. If that sounds like your jam, read on!

There are so many options out there when it comes to toys for impact play that it can be really hard to decide which one is right for you and your partner. Do you go for something that can be used gently, or something with a bit of weight and bite to it? Do you want leather or are you open to different sensations? What the hell is a flogger?!

Well, lets answer the last question first. A Flogger is a multi-tailed whip. When it hits you, it feels like a small hail of stinging blows - but it can also be used to create an amazing tickling sensation if you drag it across your partners skin. If a flogger is the way you want to go, it’s definitely worth looking up some tutorials online about how to get the flick of the wrist just right. Believe me, it’s worth it.

A Paddle is a more blunt force implement. Using it couldn’t be simpler either - just hit your partner with the flat side (almost like their butt is a ping-pong ball ready to be served!) What’s also cool is that if you get a paddle with a design like this one you can transfer it onto your partner if you spank them hard enough. Tell me that’s not more than a little bit appealing!  

A Slapper feels similar to a belt when used for spanking. In many ways, this implement is very close to a paddle - except that it’s smaller in size (better for nooks and crannies other than the butt!) and makes a distinct slapping sound on impact. A slapper is excellent for people who are more aurally stimulated in the bedroom, and we can’t recommend it enough for adding to your arsenal for blindfold play where the other senses are heightened.

A Crop is a really classic BDSM item to have. It looks fantastic and really adds to the power-play dimension if that’s something you’re going for. A crop is perfect for someone just getting their feet in the BDSM department - because of the larger part at the top, the pain is slightly more spread out than when you use a traditional whip - depending on how hard you use it of course! If you don’t quite feel ready to go to town with the crop, it could also be used to tease your partner by running it up and down their body - invoking some of those delicious power play dimensions we mentioned earlier.

A Whip is definitely a toy that’s designed for a more experienced hand. In terms of appearance, think of any cartoon lion tamer you’ve ever seen and you should understand what we’re working with here. Whips are designed to give an intense stinging feeling where they strike, but in the right hands they can offer only a flash of pain…or leave deep purple welts if that’s what you desire. Practice makes perfect with a whip, so if you pick one up I would advise practicing your aim/intensity on a large inanimate object first to get the most out of it. I can hear armchairs across Ireland quivering already!

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