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YES Pheromone Cologne by Doc Johnson

YES Pheromone Cologne by Doc Johnson

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The cologne that will turn any man into a babe magnet!..

Yes! Pheromone cologne contains a strong dose of male pheromone that attracts women. Spray a small amount on for outstanding results...

Smells great too!

Materials : various
Size : 29.5 ml
1fl oz
Power : None Required

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I'm afraid it's a big let down

Unfortunately this product didn't work for me. However it does smell nice, bit like Nivia cream or a moisturiser type of smell, but I was secretly wearing it at home, in work and out and about for three weeks solid with absolutely no interest by the ladies. I was trying to set up videos of me driving the women daft like you see on TikTok but I was just getting nothing. I finally told the misses what I was up to and she asked me to go back to my Hugo Boss and I'll "get some".
Anyway give it a try if you want, worst case you'll smell nice. On to the next product!
Cheers to the PB staff 👍🏻

Ok maybe your aspirations for this were a little high. A TikTok histyria was reaching no?
It works for customers not all of course.


Definitely noticed increased attention while wearing this.