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TEMPTASIA - Clitoris Pleasure Pump System

TEMPTASIA - Clitoris Pleasure Pump System

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Love clit pumping and ready to take it to the next level? Temptasia Clitoris Pleasure and Enhancement System is professional grade for serious clitoris pumping. Used to increase sensation to your clitoris and nipples thereby enhancing pleasure. Place cylinder over your desired erogenous zone. Use trigger to create the desired suction. Featuring an air release valve for easy removal. You can maintain constant suction or practice pumping, releasing and pumping again to simulate oral sex. Air pressure gauge measures how much you are pumping your clit. The cylinder can be detached leaving your clitoris or nipple suctioned to the cylinder. Includes 3 cylinders of various sizes each offering a unique sensation and different levels of enlargement. Enjoy the enhanced pleasure and the unique sensations of clit pumping and the thrill of nipple pumping.

  • Increase sensation to your clitoris and nipples
  • When pumped you can detach cylinder leaving your clitoris or nipples suctioned to the cylinder!
  • Or practice the art of pumping to simulate oral sex
  • Includes 3 easy to attach cylinders
  • Each offering a different level of sensation and enlargement
  • Detachable silicone hose and acrylic cylinder
  • Cylinder dimensions:
    Large 3 inch length x 1.5 inch width
    Medium 2.8 inch length, 1.3 inch width
    Small 2.8 inch length x 1.3 inch width
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