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Dragon Stud Delayer Spray 1001 20ml

Dragon Stud Delayer Spray 1001 20ml

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This is the world's favourite delay spray and that is because it just does what it says it does. This is concentrated powerful stuff so you need to be careful as you will be able to go all night have you got the stamina?

Simple to use 2-3 Sprays rub it in and give it about 15mins and you are ready to go.

Obviously people are different so for some people 1 spray is plenty and others may need 4-5 sprays. But be careful too much and you will struggle to get enough sensation to orgasm. The spray has a gentle numbing effect and the more you apply the less sensitive you become. A little trial and error and you'll discover that sweet spot.

It is a spray to promote erection at the same time that retards ejaculation, getting a sexual relationship more effective and lasting. Is based on the active principles which allow greater and better circulation in the area, thickening and strengthening Member

Ingredients: Aqua, alcohol, propylen glycol, hamamelis virginiana extract, passiflora incarnata extract, aesculus hippoca castanum extract, menthol, parfum, PEG-40 castor oiltrideceth-9 hidrogenated, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Don't waste your money

This is not a delay spray,
Don't buy if you want to last longer !!!

Don't buy

This is a waste of money,
It is not a delay spray. If you are looking to last longer, do not buy this !

Does absolutely nothing

Got this spray, bottle looks fancy and that's about it, its not a delay spray, it's a spray for men and that's it, even on the bottle it says
Spray For Men, it doesn't do absolutely anything, its like spraying with some sort of perfume, no effect of numbness at ALL. Waste of money


it works its great

Does nothing

Doesn't do anything it's supposed to