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Shots - Rejuvenation Powder - 35g

Shots - Rejuvenation Powder - 35g

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Any TPE Dolls, Fleshlights, Main Squeeze, Fanta Flesh toys need to be properly maintained to keep them in tip top condition and ready to go.

Ideal for taking care of and maintaining all your TPE realistic feel toys. By using this powder you will extend the lifespan of all your precious toys! It restores the original structure together with the resilience of the toys and prevents dehydration. Instructions for use: sprinkle a little powder on your toy and rub down. Do not forget any inside areas if applicable.

Most quality sex dolls are made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or from Platinum Silicone. In both cases these materials tend to become sticky due to the oil" sweating from the material used during the production process. To prevent this you must first clean your doll thoroughly with Doll Toy Cleaner and water.

DO NOT use any oil or solvents! Let the doll dry completely, if necessary with the help of a hairdryer. The doll must be totally dry! Sprinkle a little powder on the doll and brush it in circles over the entire skin with a powder brush or make-up brush for example. Remove excess powder with your brush and your doll is now clean and silky smooth. This will keep your doll cleaner for longer by not being sticky and it will attract less dirt.

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