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RealRock Vibrating Realistic 11 inch Dong with Balls

RealRock Vibrating Realistic 11 inch Dong with Balls

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For lifelike sensations use the RealRock Vibrating Realistic 11 Inch Dildo with Balls. This large dildo with generous girth not only has realistic textures around the head, glans, shaft and balls, but also has 10 powerful vibration modes to provide added rhythm and pleasure to your dildo play.

Made from a firm, high-quality and phthalate free rubber, the RealRock realistic dildos are erect and ready to play whenever you are. Use with a water-based lubricant and enjoy every inch of this well-endowed sex toy. Comes with 2 AAA batteries included in the remote control, so you’re ready to rock as soon as the dong arrives.

Every RealRock cock and balls comes with a suction cup base. Not only does this allow you to enjoy hands-free fun, but it also lets you experiment with different positions depending on where and at what angle you attach it. Comes in two colours. Suitable for anal or vaginal penetration.

A word of warning this is a seriously big vibrator not for the faint hearted. Much bigger then a real penis. Most people who order this return it. Please only order if you really want a super big dildo, Think Pornstar Mr Ed and you're getting close!

Manufacturer: Realrock
Colour: Black or White
Size (Metric): 12 x 18.5 x 35.5cm
Size (Imperial): 4.7 x 7.2 x 13.9"
Power: AAA Batteries x 2
Material: Rubber
Feel: Realistic

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Customer Reviews

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This is much bigger than you would expect, the head is about the size of a small fist and I can’t get my hand around the shaft, haha, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

I would recommend A LOT of lube with this toy, along with loads of stretching, some kind of anal balloon is ideal to purchase with this. Great quality though and the vibrating settings are really nice!

Best dildo ever

Hi everyone
I felt I had to share my experience with this dildo.
Firstly I didn’t buy it for the vibration system, you can guess that the jack port being on the remote control, you had a cable hanging around and at some stage it will break up. If you thought that you’re right. It’s a poor design, the jack should have been on the dildo and you plug the remote whenever you need it.
I don’t use the remote or the vibration (it broke up on the second use) and I don’t need it.
I repeat I don’t need it and I don’t even care about it.
To give you a bit of background, I’m gay, 40yo, I had purchased the Adam&Eve 12”inch Adam dildo...
I found it on to soft and hard to please myself...
Ordered the playblue REALROCK VIBRATING REALISTIC 11 INCH DONG WITH BALLS and tried it....
I never experienced a dildo like that.
Forget the vibration you don’t need it....
The sheer size of the head, when I’m going up down gives more feelings and emotions than with any other dildos I’ve ever used.
Last time I used it, it was making me pee all over the place, if that’s not a sign of it doing its job I don’t know what you need. Of course I was asking for me and it made me cum ezpz balls squeeze...
I just love it even with the vibration off because the cable got ripped off on the second use...
Just buy it and you’ll feel like you don’t need another dildo.

Wow wow wow

Excellent customer service. Great product. Fun to use. However suction cup part didn’t work and fell , pulled out wire completely. So just be careful where you put it. Other than that it’s still amazing


It was a challenge that she greatfully accepted 😍


Its not for everyone. but the girth is what I was after, dont need all the length
if there was something in the middle.