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SilexD - Dual Density Memory Silicone Premium Pink 7"

SilexD - Dual Density Memory Silicone Premium Pink 7"

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  • Made out of Sikexpan (Memory Silicone)
  • It can be bent into shapes at high temperatures
  • It becomes hard when it's cold
  • Prominent glans, veins, balls and suction cup 

For customised pleasure!
This realistic dildo with pronounced glans, veins, testicles and a suction cup is made out of Silexpan. This becomes soft at high temperatures and can be easily bent into different shapes. The dildo can be put in the microwave (30 seconds) or boiling water (max. 2 minutes) to warm it up.
The dildo will become hard if it's put in the fridge. A hands-free ride can also be enjoyed thanks to the strong suction cup.

Complete length 18.8 cm, insertion depth 13.5 cm, Ø 3.8 cm. Silexpan (Memory Silicone).

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Customer Reviews

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SilexD - Dual Density Memory Silicone Premium Pink 7"


This dildo has strong chemical smell, also suction cup could work better. Otherwise, looks pretty and I like the feel although it is not a super soft silicone.

This is a unique type of moldable silicone that is temperature sensitive. The chemical smell can be a little 'sweating' in the packaging which might happen the odd time. It'll be gone after a first wash with warm soapy water.


you cant go wrong with little ting its great and amazing price aswell