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Male Edge


Male Edge Pro

Male Edge Pro

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Male Edge is a revolutionary new penis extender to deliver maximum results in minimum time!

From the makers of the Jes Extender, the most successful penis extender in the world to date, comes this updated, stronger, lighter weight version that is guaranteed to make you bigger, quicker!

Male Edge works through traction. It expands the skin tissue using its unique traction mechanism. This stimulates cell growth which results in a longer, thicker penis.

Male Edge is 100% effective meaning it works for everyone.

Combining the biggest traction force on the market with super lightweight materials, Male Edge is perfect for today's lifestyle.

Gains of up to 3.5 inches possible!

Weighs only 65g

The Male Edge Pro Edition comes in a funky carry case and contains:

Male Edge Penis Extender, Instructional DVD, Instructional Folder, Ruler, 4x Rubber Strap,1x Travel Bag, 2x Protection Pad and 1x Cohesive Gauze


If there is one company that knows a lot about Penis Enlargement its DanaMedic. For over 10 years the Danish based manufacturers of the Jes Extender have helped in excess of 100,000 men to significantly increase their penis size.

Designed originally to be used as a post-surgical splint that generated traction, the Jes Extender gave support to men who had been through cosmetic penis restructuring surgery, and the traction helped new cell tissue to develop around the transplanted tissue, increasing the results.

It wasn't long before the medical doctors discovered that the Jes Extender actually worked on its own, and even produced better results than surgery if used for sustained periods of time.

Now from the makers of Jes comes the more effective Male Edge - the worlds #1 penis extender.

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Customer Reviews

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The package came the next morning as promised .. was very discreet and well packed . The male edge pro however I did expect it to be a bit more for the price but and again I wasn't sure what to expect in first place.. overall I'm happy with the service and il wait and see how happy il be with the product . Thank you .

good quality

I have to say I thought to myself yeah right but noticing after 6 weeks of use that there actually is a difference