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Impound Exhibition Male Chastity Device

Impound Exhibition Male Chastity Device

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Offer the unique fantasy of pure confinement with a touch of exhibitionism with this male chastity device that tantalises with the enclosure of the entire shaft of the penis and only letting the tip peek out. Ergonomically designed to follow the natural curvature of the flaccid penis this cage is great for prolonged male chastity. The metal device is easy to clean and comes with three base rings for a custom fit for men of various sizes. Included with the chastity device is a padlock with a set of three keys to ensure safety and security. Get out of touch with the Impound Exhibition, it’s all for show!

• Material: Metal

• Easy to clean during prolonged wear

• Concealing design for restricted outer sensation

• Comes with padlock and a set of three keys

• 3 different sized base rings for custom fit - all included

• Total Length: 11cm/4.33”

• Length of cage: 9cm/3.54”

• Width of cage: 3.5cm/1.37”

• Width of base rings: 40mm-1.57”/45mm-1.77”/50mm-1.96”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A Chastity Experiment

I bought this as an experiment with chastity play. I wanted to see what chastity was all about and not have to spend a fortune or wait weeks for delivery so I went to Tallaght and bought this.
The woman was incredibly helpful, efficient and enthusiastic. It's now my favourite sex shop.
The item itself is heavy, not stainless steel but chromed metal of some kind and reasonably well made.
It's a bit difficult to get on and really likes a small bit of lube in the tube. Once on it's likely to stay there. Went for the middle size ring first and it was too big, the smallest one was just right.
It does it's job pretty well, I can't feel a thing with it on though with the weight of it you'll never forget it's there.
The cage is FAR too big for me, I knew that when I bought it, so I can get almost fully erect inside it with only a slight hint of restriction. That's not ideal but this is just an experiment so no problem there.
Size is also an issue because it can be noticable when you put pants on. I wouldn't recommend this for outside use for this and other reasons.
It is comfortable for me for reasonably long periods, say a couple of hours, provided I don't have to wear clothes or move about too much. In the bedroom it's fine.
Perhaps the only negative is that it can pinch the skin where the ring clips together at the top. This isn't a problem during playtime but if you wear it outside or even around the house it can dig in pretty badly.
I haven't drawn blood but I could see it happening. This is simply a design fact and you could probably figure a way to reduce it but better to get a more expensive cage that's designed for long term use.
Overall I would highly recommend this cage. If I had the chance I'd certainly buy it again though I'm upgrading to a more expensive one of a different design. The experiment worked!

Good quality
Does what you'd expect a cage to do

Pinches, which limits use cases.

Wow what a review one of the most comprehensive we have ever received.
Thanks so much

New dimension to my sex life

My wife wanted me to try a chastity cage so I bought this one in the Tallaght store. Easy to fit using the 50 mm ring and some lube. Excellent quality and easily cleaned. Very happy with my purchase.

Male Toys

Excellent service, items arrived next day.
Quality of the products is really good, i was pleasantly surprised with the Male Chastity Device.

Spot on....

Good quality does what says on the label....we very happy with it....

Male chastity

great material. Feels very solid and quality.