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Impound Corkscrew Male Chastity Device with Penis Plug

Impound Corkscrew Male Chastity Device with Penis Plug

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For advanced players only, the Impound Corkscrew offers another level of submission, restriction and invasion of privacy with an unforgiving and exquisite metal urethra-plug. The penis plug can be inserted through a secure hole at the tip of the device and it can stop any escape attempts from the cage. The curvature of the cage follows the natural position of the flaccid penis and the base ring comes in three different sizes for a customised fit, so extended wear can be as comfortable as desired. A padlock with a set of three keys is also included for even more safety and security. Impound has it and will contain it all – lock, stock, and barrel.

• Material: Metal

• Features urethra-plug for added security and fetish-play (Detachable)

• Easy to clean during prolonged wear

• Spiral design for “caged” appearance

• Included padlock and a set of three keys for safety and security

• 3 different sized base rings for custom fit - All Included

• Total Length: 7cm/3.93”

• Length of cage: 7cm/2.75”

• Width of cage: 4.5cm/1.77”

• Width of base rings: 40mm-1.57”/45mm-1.77”/50mm-1.96”

• Penis plug insertable length: 5.5cm/2.16”

• Penis plug width: 5mm/0.19”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Perfect !!!

Really good quality. Can Weare with or without penis plug. Fits well and can't be seen under Jean's. Can be on for hours or days for advanced users. Great item to prevent masturbation and bring back passion in relationship.

Wish I had got something else

It's too big to properly prevent an erection, and the plug just hurt because it didn't fit the shape of my dick in the cage(because the cage wasn't tight enough to make it conform). The ring also pinched like a bugger after a while. YMMV there's probably better out there for me, but if you have a big flaccid dick and small balls it should work better for you.

very nice

love this with and without the plug. real like the 3 different sized rings to keep it in place would defo get something else from this range