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Bathmate HydroMax9 - Clear

Bathmate HydroMax9 - Clear

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Bathmate is the world's best penis pumping system and is used by millions daily to enhance penis size, strength and confidence.

HYDROMAX 9 is 15% larger then the HydroMax 7 and designed to be used in the shower or bath and for men with erect penises larger then 7 inches. The Hydromax9 now produces 35% more suction because of a new punp mechanism making the Bathmate effects happen even quicker. The Hydromax has been redesigned with a host of new and improved features to making the incredible Bathmate Hydro7 even better.
The Pumping Bellows system also now has a new soft sealing, full support comfort ring ensuring there is less pressure and more comfort around the bases of the penis and testicles and can now also be removed to allow better cleaning.

The addition of the new Swivel Bellows feature allows for full 360 degree turning of your Hydromax to allow you a clear view ensuring better efficiency and safety.

With our new Super Flow Latch Valve system filling can now be done single handed making positioning and using your Hydromax now even easier. Also the improved metric and imperial scale, for the old school among us, is now clearer and with added texture on the the upper and lower parts of the tube your have improved grip and control.

There are loads of small improvements too. Please checkout the video of how you use your Bathmate and join the Bathmate Club to a larger penis and better sex life.

Product Features

SIZE Larger then 7" Erect Penises
BRAND Bathmate ( Hydromax9 - Clear )
FEATURES Ultimate Male Hydrotherapy Pump
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