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Doc Johnson


Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator

Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator

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The Fuck Me Silly Doll is a men's sex toy that was made to mimic the look and feel of a woman's entire torso, from her breasts down to her pussy and ass. The Fuck Me Silly Doll is made from realistic Fanta-Flesh, giving this sex toy a deliciously real feel.The Fuck Me Silly 2 Doll was made to use in a missionary-type position. It has a flat back, but features large 36DD breasts, a realistic vagina, and a realistic anus. Because you can use all three sexy parts as stroker masturbators, the Fuck Me Silly 2 Doll is really three sex toys in one.

The Fuck Me Silly 2 Doll is over 12 pounds of T&A for you to play with. It comes with lube, toy cleaner, and special powder to make the doll's skin feel realistic. The Fuck Me Silly 2 Doll also comes with an adult DVD. The Fuck Me Silly Doll is easy to clean and can be stowed under a bed or in a closet for safekeeping.

You`ve always dreamt of fucking a hot bitch like this, so what are you waiting for? Take your fuck slut out of the box, push play on the hardcore DVD, get out the free lube,and pound that bitch `til you Fuck Her Silly!

You`ve always dreamt of fucking a hottie with 36DD`s and a super-tight waist, so what are you waiting for? Take this busty babe out of the box, push play on the hardcore DVD, get out the free lube, and pound this curvy cutie `til you Fuck Her Silly!

This mega masturbator is the most realistic replica you ever fucked and with over 12 lbs. of soft, Fanta-flesh engulfing and massaging your cock, this plush piece of pussy feels better than the real thing! Squeeze and pinch her big, 36DD tits, then slide your cock between those massive mammaries and titty-fuck her all night.

Spread her cheeks, ram her tight little ass, and fill her with every inch of your man meat! She`s warm, she`s tight, and she NEVER says no! When you`re done, blow a load deep inside her or cum all over her stomach and big tits cleanup is a snap either way with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water.

Best of all, she tucks away under the bed or in the closet for easy storage after the fun.

Both the pussy and ass openings connect to the same canal, which is approximately 7" long. The walls of the tunnel are extremely tight and stretchy because the Fanta-Flesh mimics the most realistic experience ever. The channels aren't very wide at all when you first start out—but with just a few uses, the elasticity will increase. Use plenty of Moist lube to help ease entry. Both passages connect to the drain hole on the backside of the masturbator, which can be used to flush water through for easy cleaning.

Watch the video to get the full load down

Product Features

WEIGHT 12 lbs
WASHING Toy cleaner and warm water
BRAND PipeDream
FEATURES 36 DD's, Includes- likfe like fanta flesh torso, Toy cleaner, Moist lubricant, Fanta flesh revive, 60 day warranty
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Customer Reviews

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some job, you think its a bit big as a masturbator. but you get a work out and practice technique


cant get over the size its perfect , easy clean in the shower, its just perfect

real feel!

This is a great doll! Feels amazing

absolutely amazing!

The best investment I've ever made! Cheaper than going on dates and you'll always get lucky with it!