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Black Velvets


Black Velvets - Big Plug

Black Velvets - Big Plug

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  • Butt plug with a long, tapered tip
  • Thick ball-shaped part on the shaft
  • Safe round base
  • Soft touch surface

A longer plug for more pleasure!
A soft butt plug with a long, tapered tip and additional thicker part on the shaft. The plug can be inserted really easily, thanks to its cone shape and its velvety soft touch surface. The thicker ball-shaped part on the shaft also provides a wonderful full feeling at the same time. The large round base means that the plug will stay in place and is therefore safe to use.

Complete length 17.8 cm, insertion length 14.5 cm, Ø 4.5 cm, 229 g. Silicone, PU.

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Lovin the extra bit of length. very filling