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Bad Kitty


Bad Kitty Nipple Jewelery - Shiny Star

Bad Kitty Nipple Jewelery - Shiny Star

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  • 2 stainless steel nipple clamps with decorative gems
  • With 4 adjustment screws each
  • Lightweight – 9 g per clamp
  • Elegant piercing look 

Shiny, bittersweet nipple jewellery without piercing!
These two extremely lightweight nipple clamps Nipple Jewellery Shiny Star from Bad Kitty pinch the nipples and can be adjusted with 4 screws. The sensation ranges from gentle to extremely arousing. The extremely elegant black metal clamps have shiny, decorative gems in the middle and look just like a real piercing.
2 pieces.

Outer Ø 2.1 cm, adjustable inner Ø 0.5 – 1.8 cm. Weight of each clamp 9 g.
Stainless steel, acrylic (gems).

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