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Autoblow AI+ Blowjob Machine

Autoblow AI+ Blowjob Machine

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  • Mains-powered masturbator (UK plug)
  • 9 blow job modes plus AI modes
  • NEW: It can be controlled via the online setup on a smartphone
  • Voice Controlled
  • 10 speeds for each mode
  • Extra pause button
  • LED light
  • Sleeve with a grooved pleasure canal and mouth hole
  • Sleeve can be removed for cleaning
  • New: The penis gripper can be made tighter

This is simply the best blow job experience in the world.

Realistic blow jobs that can now be controlled via a smartphone!
The mains-powered masturbator AI+ from Autoblow (UK plug) has 9 blow job modes and an additional AI mode that varies its rhythms every time it is used and which therefore creates a wonderfully realistic and exciting blow job feeling.

The AI mode was programmed on the basis of hundreds of blow job films and randomly reproduces the machine-learned techniques. For perfect blow job implementation, the artificial intelligence is able to move the sleeve holder and silicone sleeve into 250 different positions. The 10 additional speed for each mode provide even more variety during pleasure. The extra pause button means that a person can have a quick break during the blow job – for example to let them delay their orgasm.

All the modes can be easily controlled at the push of a button (with LED lights) or now via the online setup on a smartphone/tablet. The Autoblow AI+ can be connected to the internet (QR code or and can access a range of web-enabled functions e.g. remote control, downloadable blow job experiences, voice control (Beta) and more.

There is also a new function – the penis gripper can be made tighter for an even more intense feeling. The diameter can be adjusted from 47 mm to 53 mm using a screwdriver (the AI+ is at 50 mm when it is delivered).

The sleeve has a mouth hole and grooves inside. The sleeve can also be removed from the case for cleaning.

Our team of blow job experts (who knew there was a job like this) have mimicked all these movements of great blow jobs into this incredible little machine so now at the touch of a button you can choose from our best 10 preset Blow Job experiences and you can also select from 10 different speeds. Then to make the pleasure last even longer we've added an Edge button which pauses the action allowing you to recover a bit to extend the blow job - How long can you last?

10 Different Blowjobs on Demand

  • Intense Edge - This is the teaser - it will stroke for 3 seconds then stop for 1-2 seconds - Edging you on and on to a massive orgasm.
  • Full Stroke - This is also known as the long stoke - it will stoke the penis from tip to base for a long full stoke experience.
  • Fast Edge - This is another training tease program - Full stokes for 15 seconds then a sudden agonizing 2 second stop and back to a 15 second full stoke.
  • Teasing Slow Stroke - The AutoBlow A.I sometimes is a little torture device with this teasing 2 Full Strokes and a 1 second pause - Probably the most common real world teasing Blow Job technique.
  • Top Stroke - Perfect for our smaller penis buddies or penis tip fans - This is a half top stoke only
  • Bottom Stroke - Then for our longer penis customers this will stoke only the bottom half.
  • Top & Bottom Stroke - Can't Decide? This time it will alternate a couple of top stokes follwed by a couple of bottom stokes.
  • Masterstroke 1 - The masterstroke is really everything thrown in mimicking the best blow job experience. There is random full , top and bottom stokes.
  • Masterstroke 2  - Masterstroke 2 is the same as Masterstroke but it also add automatic changes in the speed too to make this a totally organic experience.
  • Full A.I Experience - Our BlowJob experts all have their favourites so this is the best of the lot in our opinion. Can't decide let the machine decide - Every time this is a unique blow job experience with variations of stroke and speed constantly - Can you cope?

N.B. This device comes with a European Plug and an adaptor is required

    Autoblow AI+ doesn't need batteries as it is mains powered, Don't worry it is guaranteed to be 100% safe. To use you simply hold the Autoblow AI+ in place then if you are into it load up your favourite online resource say then let the incredible blow jobs begin.

    We are very proud of the AutoBlow AI+ and with the added intelligence and power we believe it is the most amazing male masturbator in the world.

    The sleeves are 100% silicone, easy to clean, re-useable, and work with all penis sizes. To clean you just remove the sleeve wash it with warm water and soap then pat dry. Toy cleaner and renewal powder are a great idea to extend the life of your sleeve.

    The Autoblow AI+ uses a heavy duty all metal motor that is built to last.

    Autoblow AI+ uses a redesigned motor that is 50% quieter than the Autoblow 2 but is 3 times more powerful!

    The best advice I can give you is make sure to use lube and plenty of it to ensure a smooth ride and second make your sleeve last with some renewal powder.

    Lastly I do want to say though this is 50% quieter then the AutoBlow 2 but with this much power and machinery it could not be described as quiet.

    Product Features

    WASHING Removeable Sleeve, Warm Soapy Water. Make Sure Sleeve Is Completely Dry Before Re-using
    POWER Plug In.
    MATERIALS 100% Premium Silicone
    NOISE Not Quiet
    BRAND Autoblow
    FEATURES Pause Function, 10 Different Blowjobs Experiences At 10 Speeds,motorized System, Industrial Grade Fan Cooled Motor System Is Designed For Long Term Use.
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