PlayBlue Fantasy Subscription Box

Light the fuse in your lovelife and watch it explode with a PlayBlue Fantasy Box. Get a surprise box of sexy goodies each month to explore everything you always wanted to try and a few you never even knew about.

The one thing we know about at PlayBlue is Adult Toys, so why not let the experts (us!) choose a selection of our favourites each month for you to play with and discover new things about yourself and your partner. We'll pack each fantasy box with incredible value and it will only include a curated selection of our absolute favourites, guaranteed to thrill and excite.

How the PlayBlue Fantasy Box Works

1. Subscribe to your preferred Fantasy Box - The excitement will build!

2. A couple of days later you will receive your first Fantasy Box in the Post

3. Your mind will be blown!

4. Then every month you will be waiting with baited breath to receive a new fresh themed Fantasy Box 

5. Unsubscribe (as if) whenever you want - No Contract - No Fuss.

What's In the Fantasy Box?

The first box is a "Getting Started Box" and will include some of the basics you'll need and some of our absolute best sellers to get you off with bang (?!). We like to keep a little mystery and the element of a surprise because it really adds to the excitement and anticipation. So we'll never tell you exactly what is in each box, you'll just have to wait and see.

Then each month we have a slightly different focus which will contain some seasonal beauties and some new little wonders.

We guarantee that each Fantasy box will contain some serious discounts on their normal retail price. There will be 1-2 Toys, Some Lubes-Creams-Oils etc, Novelties and seasonal favourites.

PlayBlue Fantasy Box FAQs

1. How is it Packaged? - Is it Discreet?

At PlayBlue we double pack everything. We will carefully pack your Fantasy Box in a simple plain box packed with love which we seal to ensure security. Then we place that box in a standard plain weatherproof courier mailer bag. There will be no mention of PlayBlue or the contents on the package.

2. When will it be dispatched?

We will ship your first Starter Box a few days after your subscription and then subsequent Fantasy Boxes will be shipped approximately the same day each month. So for example if you subscribed on the 10th of July you would receive the first fantasy box around the 13th of July and subsequent fantasy boxes around the 13th each month.

3. How can I cancel?

Don't worry we won't lock you into any contracts or terms etc. Just call us or email us with your cancel request and we'll cancel and send you a confirmation. No forms or hidden terms or messing - guaranteed. We also don't give you any of that 30 days notice nonsense the phone companies love either. As soon as you contact us we'll cancel straight away and won't take another payment.

4. How long is the Fantasy Box Subscription?

As long as you want. We will keep sending you incredible fantasy boxes as long as you are subscribed.

5. How much is Shipping?

Free Shipping on all PlayBlue Fantasy Boxes from Ireland and the UK always.

6. Can I order from the UK?

Yep and it's exactly the same, shipping is FREE and the Fantasy Box will contain the same great value.

7. Can I change items?

Afraid not - The idea is our experts have chosen a selection of sexy goodies that will give you the opportunity to explorer new things with each other. If you would prefer to pick and choose exactly what you want you should checkout the selection of sex toys we have in our online store.

Because each box is the same we can order in bulk and get great discounts which allows us to cram more amazing value into each fantasy box.

8. How does returns work?

Same as always - If something is broken or not working just let us know and we'll sort it out. We pride ourselves on our customer service and the hundreds of real TrustPilot reviews back that up. Please checkout our full normal returns policy for full details.