You'll notice that this is not a list of terms and conditions because that is not how we roll, we try our best to be fair and honest in all dealings and hopefully you'll see that our returns policy mirrors that.

You're Not Happy - We're Not Happy

If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase we're here to make it better. 

Our policy is happy customers are return customers and if you got a product from us that does not entirely satisfy you we want to hear about it.

We will take back all or part of an order once the products are unused, unopened and packaging is all still intact no questions issues problems or quibbles with in the first 30 days of purchase for a full refund. After that if the product is unused and unopened we will of course take it back and offer an exchange or replacement.

If the product is defective you can of course send it back to us for an exchange in the 180 days after purchase or in a manufacturers warranty whatever is longer.

Lingerie and Clothing Returns

This is the one big term and condition we have on returns - We want you to be happy with your purchases, but we also need everything we sell to be new and hygienic. You will understand the clothing we sell is of an intimate nature and because of this unfortunately we cannot accept returns for any clothes or lingerie. Only in this way can we ensure that all our lingerie is in perfect condition when we ship it to you. So please when ordering lingerie make sure you have read and reread and fully understand the size information. Any doubt please contact us.

Frankly any online store that accepts returns on Lingerie in my opinion is not a store I'd want to do business with. This in effect translates to Lingerie that may have been used (even a small chance) being resold and that is not what anyone wants. This is a problem we field very regularly but rest assured we are very strict on this rule as this for us is a reputation breaker. Even lingerie in boxes is not accepted on returns because they can all easily be opened and returned.

So just for clarity let me state it again NO Returns on Lingerie or Intimate Clothing.

Cancelling Orders

We understand we all get caught up in the excitement of the moment and on reflection maybe wish we hadn’t. We have no problem cancelling orders and refunding the order  up until they have been dispatched.

Once the order has entered dispatch we can't cancel the order as it has been packed and is probably in a van flying down the road. That is a bit of a downside in our super quick dispatch you really need to be quick to cancel an order.

You still of course retain the option to return the products back to us unused and unopened etc etc. Shipping orders back to us is I'm afraid at your own expense and we also retain the right to refund less the shipping fees we have paid which I’m sure you’ll agree is only fair.

To cancel an order call us or email us with your order number and we'll do the rest. Refunds will be paid back to the account you used to pay. This refund may take a couple of days for the bank to process though. We check emails very regularly but to ensure you get us before the order has been dispatched a call might be the best idea.

We of course can not process the return until we receive the order back and any delays in shipping the order back we can not be held responsible for, which is fair enough isn't it?

Why is it not Working?

The most common reason we get returns is because it doesn't work. Before you go through the hassle of returning your new sex toy to us can you just try a couple of things first. Failing these please ring us, we are here to help.


Rechargeable toys should always be charged from mains power. Charging these toys off a laptop or a power bank often fails to charge the sex toy. Please try this to see if charging issues are resolved.


Modern sex toys often have a little peice of card or plastic to stop the contact in the batteries to ensure they don't switch on in transit before first use, please check if your sex toy has this and if so please remove.

Also many newer sex toys needs you to hold the on/off button for a few seconds to operate.

Most Sex Toys are waterproof nowadays and this means battery compartments need to be super tight. This also means that contacts around the batteries will often only work if it is closed really well.

If you still can't get it to power on you might try adding a little card or something to ensure the battery compartment is pressed up against the contact correctly.

Batteries are nearly always inserted in opposite directions to each other so if the sex toy isn't working please try to switch batteries around.

Please make sure to use new batteries too when testing your new sex toy. Finally when not in use ensure you take out any batteries as if you come back to a sex toys after a while it might have drained the batteries.


If you are having a problem with the control first read any instructions you have to ensure you are using it correctly.

Some products need you to hold the on button for a couple of seconds to power up and power down as a safety to ensure it doesn't accidentally power on. Also many rechargeable toys and remote control toys need you to actually switch them on first in what might be a hidden compartment.

Unused & Unopened Returns

If you change your mind or whatever at PlayBlue that is no problem.

In the 30 days after purchase you can just post the sex toy unopened and unused back to us at

PlayBlue Ltd,1 Pudding Lane, Kilkenny, R95 E684

Please include a reason for return and you order number. Unfortunately you can not use free returns for change of mind returns. We will process the refund onto the same payment method used to purchase the order. 

Product Defects 

If you experience an issue with a sex toy don't worry we'll have your back. Defects happen and we know it can be really annoying.

We offer a full 180 day defects guarantee. If a product becomes faulty within 180 days of purchase please return it and we'll do our best to make it right. Some branded manufacturers might offer a longer guarantee which we'll be happy to offer too, please check the the documentation on the product to see if it has extra warranty periods.

We will replace your product or send you a Credit Note to choose a replacement. For defective products we do not offer refunds but always try to fix or replace your defective sex toy within the warranty period.

How to Return a Product

Important Bit First

FREE returns is ONLY for returning faulty products and to return a product FREE please use Parcel Motel. We unfortunately cannot refund shipping of returns by any other method.

If you are returning a product we need the whole product, packaging too if you have it. If the product is part of a set we will need the whole set, even if the rest of the set still works. Our suppliers will only accept returns of full products including chargers etc. We can not accept returns unless you have returned the FULL product and all its components.

Once we receive it we will check the product and if faulty return it to the supplier and process your return. If the product has been abused or obviously used in a manner that has broken it we reserve the right to refuse the return.

You will receive an email with the details when this is complete. If the product is not faulty we will contact you and try to agree how we can make you 100% happy with your purchase in a fair and transparent way.

Free Returns with Parcel Motel (Only for Faulty Orders/Products)

For our customers in Ireland it is super easy and FREE to return your product to PlayBlue.

We have partnered with Parcel Motel to offer our customers always free returns. With over 124 locations and growing you can be sure that there is a Parcel Motel near you.. If you need to return an order it really couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Go to the PlayBlue Parcel Motel Returns Page 

  2. Follow the 3 simple steps to print your Parcel Motel Label

  3. Please make sure to include a little note explaining the reason for the return and your Order number and/or Name

  4. Go to your nearest Parcel Motel and “Send a Parcel” back to us.

It will cost you nothing, FREE, Nada, Zilch, we’ll pick up the tab. A couple of days later we will get your parcel and process the return issuing your replacement \ exchange as soon as possible.

We offer free returns on all orders within the Republic of Ireland through the Parcel Motel but unfortunately we cannot refund return shipping using any other method.

 The Parcel Motel service is available right across the country 24/7 and is full guaranteed and tracked.

It really couldn’t be simpler. Well it could we could collect it off you in a limo but we are not quite there yet.

Important this is ONLY for faulty goods, change of mind or replacement requests I'm afraid you need to ship it back to us. 

Returning from Outside of Ireland

Just pack the returned products including a quick note with details of your Order number and/or your Name and the reason for the return to:-

PlayBlue Ltd,

Unit 1,

Pudding Lane,



Unfortunately we do not offer FREE returns outside of Ireland.

Every Rule has an Exception

We really want to be fair and treat our customers with respect. But in some cases if we receive goods for return that are no longer fit for resale we will not be able to process a full refund, we will either offer to return the goods with a postage fee or we'll contact you and try to come to fair and mutual agreement that works for everyone. You will of course understand that we would never sell used goods which you would never want either I’m sure, but we do want to try to help you out too.

We also can not accept returns for single use products or products that come in packs or bottles like condoms, lubricants, oils, tenga's etc

And of course our biggest exception is the Lingerie rule listed above.

Rocks Off Returns

The new line of Rocks Off products are fantastic and we love them but the batteries need to be loaded a special way. Before you return a Rocks Off product please try the following.

Rocks Off can be a little tricky to load the batteries. It has to be aligned correctly to get it to work. This is to ensure it is waterproof and to reduce noise while being used, To do this, you should place the batteries in as shown on the product. Then tighten, try to switch it on. If it doesn't start tighten it a small bit more and try it again. Repeat tightening it a small bit and trying it until it works.

If you have any difficulties or want to ask a question please ring our support line.

Product Warranties

If a product has an extended manufacturer warranty we still only offer our 180 days PlayBlue warranty. To avail of the manufacturer warranty you will need to register directly with the manufacturer. Full details of this will be in the box or on the manufacturers website.

Is That It???

Well yes, sorry were you expecting more? We don’t do gotcha’s unless you ask nicely. We truly want you to be delighted with PlayBlue and come again (phaw!). The basic rule of thumb is if you have a problem and you think we can help please contact us and we'll try our best.

Any Other Queries

If you still have a query about a returns please Contact Us and we will try our best to sort it out for you.