Trying on the Le Desir - Lace and Fishnet Bodystocking - Plus Size

I love lingerie, but somehow I have never even tried bodystockings on (even though crotchless tights are one of my favourites). So it was time for me to look more into them. 

I chose the Le Desir -  Lace and Fishnet Bodystocking - Plus size to be my first.

I’m a size 16 (sometimes 18), 5’7 and I’m wearing 36 FF bras. According to the size chart my boobs are way too big for this, but other than that it seems like a good fit. I really liked the shredded straps that connect the stockings to the upper part. So I decided to risk it.

When I checked the box itself they say the size is from XXL to 5 XL, which is different from the XL to 4XL, sizes 14-20. So now I feel a bit confused.


Of course when I opened the box the bodystockings seemed so small. Which is normal. When I saw the shredded straps I was afraid that it would be too complicated to put the lingerie on.

As I unfolded everything I realised that it is much more simple than it seems. It helps to have the image of the model ready to help though. 

When I put it on I found the design beautiful, feminine and sexy, but at the same time it seemed that this bodystocking is a bit too big for me. I had the material all over, so I didn’t have any extra fold, still felt too big. The shredded part was a bit too short to look really sexy so I rearranged everything, that helped to make it much better but I think this set would look much better on someone who is curvier than me or/and taller.
Even though I have much bigger boobs than the size chart requires I think this part had no problem at all and the design can accommodate even bigger bosoms. 

I wish companies would be more clear and precise with the sizing, because it is the foundation for everything.

Click here to get yours.

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