This toy has totally surprised me

Many, many years ago, when the WeVibe2 debuted I got one for a review. I was so excited, and even when I tried it alone, I loved it a lot. The WeVibe inspired the “sex slave” category for me. Still unfortunately I didn’t enjoy using it with my partner. It felt too big and uncomfortable.

Since then I haven’t tried another couple-vibrator for penetration. So receiving the Naghi No 34 made me wonder a bit about my options. I have been purposefully self-partnered for a while, and at the same time I am taking reviewing sex toys seriously, so I tried different options, and I’m here to share my experiences with you. Especially because the Naghi No 34 totally surprised me.

First I used it as a rabbit kind of vibrator. It is not totally ideal for the clitoris and vagina at the same time. The connecting part, where the button is, is rigid, so it is not like a full rabbit. Still I love using it this way, especially because it is very different from any rabbit I have ever used.

The material that covers the body is silicone. At the same time the body of the No 34 is hard and rigid with curves and some added yummy texture. As I was penetrating myself with it, I almost came right away. The shape, the size, the hard core with the softer cover and the super powerful vibrations really work for me. 

Oh yes, let’s talk about the vibrations. This toy vibrates so intensely. I think it is not “just” because of the engine, but the whole body with the thin cover is perfect to provide the whole strength of the vibrations. There are 3 levels of intensity and 7 rhythms. I am absolutely amazed by these powerful vibrations. But the button sucks. You have to push it super strongly and long to turn the engine on. And the same when you want to turn it off. So it is not really the perfect choice when you don’t have enough privacy.

The other thing that I find annoying a bit is the battery life. It goes about 40 minutes with one charge, so I have to recharge it after every usage. Which is often.

To be honest, the rabbit mode is still my favourite. However I don’t just passively keep it in one place. I love moving it. The vibrating pressure on my g-spot feels divine. And hence the shaft is thin, curvy, textured and hard, this vibrator is a versatile, powerful toy. 

But of course there is way more for the Naghi No 34. First of all this is a double penetration toy. One of the shafts is for anal play, and the other is for the vagina. 

Or you can even use the longer shaft anally and the shorter for the outside prostate point. 

And there is even more, because the long shaft is created in a way that a penis can also penetrate next to it. The foldable little wings on the side, the dots on the upper part and the powerful vibrations together provide an exceptional experience. You need lots of lubrication of course for smoother sliding. I chose a smaller dildo to test it. I still prefer to have only the penis or only the toy inside but not both at the same time, but this is my preference related to my anatomy and my sexuality. And I totally love this vibrator.

Check the Naghi No 34 here.

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