These cuffs are hot & spicy

Most BDSM gear is made in black and this works for most kinky people. Still some of us vibe better with other colours. I personally favour red over black, but I embrace some other colours as well depending on what kind of mood I want to create. Recently I see quite a lot of alternatives to blacks. Good. I wanted to review the Bound to Please Red Bondage Wrist Cuffs to see how it is compared to other cuffs.

These cuffs can be bought separately, but there are complementing ankle cuffs and a collar available as well. Too bad there is no lead for the collar. Hence the metal details are gold in this set, and most leads are silver or sometimes black the set won’t be matching. I personally love a bit of matchy-matchy, somehow it feels more satisfying to me. 



These cuffs are relatively on the cheaper side, still I find them really good quality. They also look much better in real life than in photos.

Let’s start with the (in my opinion) good part:

Gorgeous wine colour with red sewing 

Medium light



Extra chain to connect the cuffs

Neoprene lining called faux-suede


What I don’t like:

There is no buckle to keep the end of the closing part aligned, so it is peeking out

The lining doesn’t cover the metal parts holding the D-ring so they can be felt inside on the skin. (Of course something that is uncomfortable is not necessarily a negative thing when you are playing.) 

They are not padded which is not necessarily a negative thing, but my preference is padded.

If you have wide wrists these cuffs probably won't be long enough. You need the ankle cuffs for the wrists then.

In general I find these cuffs a gorgeous add on to my set. They are not perfect but to be honest they are amazing for the price, especially if aesthetics are a turn on for you. (They are for me.)

Click here for the Bound to Please Red Wrist Cuffs

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