The sex coach answers: What do rabbit vibrators really do?

Recently I got a question in an email about rabbit vibrators. The person who asked me wasn’t sure if the smaller, vibrating head is for anal pleasure or something else.

What are rabbit vibrators made for?

Rabbit vibrators are created for double stimulation. The longer head penetrates into the vagina and the shorter is for clitoral stimulation. 

Rabbits come in different shapes, lengths and forms. Especially when it comes to the clitoral head. The original rabbit had 2 long ears, hence the name of the toy. But nowadays these vibrating heads can be different so that you can find the best for you.

Let's talk about rabbit heads

The 2 ears are fluttering on the 2 sides of the clitoris

Jessica Rabbit Ultimate Plus

One big head to provide powerful vibrations

RocksOff EveryGirl Ultimate Rabbit Vibrator

Vibrating head with extra nibs for more stimulation

Glossy Rabbit Elvis Purple

Winged rabbit head that flutters over the labia

Fun Factory Bi-Stronic Fusion Pulsating

Permanent clitoral contact head

Snail Vibe Ultimate Dual Stimulator

Rabbit with pulse plate head - not just vibrates, but provides tapping

Vive Kyra - Clitoral Rabbit with pulse plate

Interchangeable rabbit heads

Vive Etsu Pulse Wave G-Spot Rabbit

Are the extra heads only made for clitoral pleasure?

Depending on your creativity and anatomy you can use the rabbits in other ways as well. Some men enjoy a rabbit vibrator for prostate massages and the vibrating clitoral head is used on the outside prostate point.

Can you use a rabbit for double penetration?

Yes, you can, but not all of the rabbit heads are suitable for that. Never use an interchangeable head for anal play, and look for the right shape and size for you.

Good options to look for:

Naghi No.7 - Dual Rechargeable Joy

Naghi No. 34 - Couples During Sex Vibrator

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