The best toys for sensual play

Our sensual parts are wired for pleasure. When the context is right our sensual side is open to receive and feel. Choose the right way to feed this deep craving and unleash full body orgasms. You can do it. Read our post and choose the best toys.

Every one of us have a different erotic wiring, a unique combination of several elements. Being sensual is a part of it. Maybe it is not really relevant for you or maybe you are affected by your sensuality more than you think. Maybe your partner’s sensual side is craving for more and you want to satisfy this craving.

Sensuality is all about the senses. I know this is not a surprise to you (probably). And when you look around in your sex life wearing sensuality focused glasses, you will discover a new way of knowing what really works for you and for your partner and you will become a better lover for them.

As all told you, it is all about the senses. So let’s check things out this way.

Watching and seeing

It is all about what you see. Creating a welcoming, clean, sensual environment creates the right mindset. Calm the mind with some soft lights and feed the eyes with wearing hot, beautiful lingerie. Whatever hot means to you. 

Look around and find something that would feel amazing to wear or see on your partner. Maybe both. :)))

Surround yourself with yummy materials and colours. When you could look around and know that everything is fine you can wear a blindfold so that you can melt into the moment and give more space for your other senses.

Click here for lingerie.

Pleasure for your skin

Your skin needs sensations, it is craving for feeling pleasure, and even more pleasure, the right kind pleasure.

Check out my post about sensual touches to uplevel your touch skills. But of course there is way more.

Feathers, feather ticklers or fans are perfect for sensual play, so as anything light and silky, like scarfs for example. Every cell of your skin is wired to feel, so fulfil this need. Every stroke is exciting and deeply fulfilling.

Look around in your household. What do you have that feels good on the skin? Anything furry? A silky brush? I have some super soft, microfiber car washing mitts in my sensation play kit. It feels beautiful on the skin. You can use it “just” to hold the feet and this gives a deep relaxing feeling.

Don’t underestimate silicone bristles either. Some washing up gloves or brushes with silicone bristles can feel delicious. Try them on the skin and judge them only after.

We have these Silicone Stimulation Glove and the Masturbation Silicone Glove for a big variety of textures and stimulations. 

Floggers, whips and crops are not only for pain but for stroking as well. It is all about how you use them. Pinwheels are amazing to awaken the nerves. Use them lightly (avoid the balls, nipples and the penis, hence you can cause damage there).

Contouring touches all over the body are really your thing. The more sensual you are, the more probable that you can have full body orgasms. Contouring touches feel even smoother when you use warm massage oils. I have a blog post about massages, check it out here.

Pressure and weight can feel amazing in sensual play. Weighted blankets or your body weight can help your partner to sink deeper into the moment. 

And of course use your lips to give pleasure. Kiss, lick, suck and blow… So delicious. 

Add scents

Scents can make or break your mood. Choose the perfume and scented candles that you find delicious. Cleanliness means a lot to you, so having a shower or bath calms your mind and helps to open up to sensations. Or of course you can do it together, playing with the water, and the foam all over the body.

When you choose a massage oil, get the one that indulges your senses as well. You want all the deliciousness that you can have (or even more). You want extra pleasure coming from the fragrance. 

Check the massage oils here.


Playing with the lips is so delicious. Choose a juicy fruit like peaches or oranges. Let the lips feel the texture. Smell them before you taste them.
Tease them with the juice, let them wait for every drop and lick them.

Of course you can use anything tasty and delicious.


The vibration of the sound can feel deeply fulfilling. Moan, sigh, hum, whisper and feel the effect. Let the waves of the sounds enhance the pleasure even more. 

Maybe you have a special music that can feel very pleasurable. It can create the right atmosphere to be open to feel and enjoy being in your body and feel. Use this consciously to create an unforgettable memory that you love to cherish.

What is your favourite for sensual play?

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