The best rabbit friend for your kitty - Review of the Vive Halo

If you follow my reviews, you have probably heard me raving about the Vive Kyra. We are very happy and spending lots of quality time together. And then I saw the new Vive called Halo that had a ring for a thrusting experience. I knew I wanted it badly, so I got it. I’m so happy I did.

I’m going to make a comparison video and post about other functions that modern vibrators can do. And of course this rabbit is going to be a part of it. And this extra function made me super curious.

My favourite rabbit vibrator so far is also a Vive. You probably have read my blog post about it. I know that a Vive vibrator is very powerful. They are also quiet as well. 

The Halo just like the Kyra rabbit has a climax button as well, so you can have all the functions on the maximum level with just one press when you are close to coming. So yummy.

But let’s talk more in detail about what you can expect.

The Vive Halo is longer than the Kyra. I was a bit hesitant about this before I could try it. I prefer rabbits with a moderate size. I understand now why this vibrator is a bit longer (they added an extra part with the ring). I personally still would enjoy a bit shorter wand part, and at the same time I can appreciate the length. 

This rabbit has not one or two but actually 3 different motors. One for the rabbit itself, one for the shaft and one for the ring.

What is the ring about?

The ring is a moving part on the shaft. It moves up and down, and creates the sensation of thrusting and movement without moving the whole vibrator.

And I love, love, love this ring. The sensation is the movement. I can feel that movement especially strongly at the opening of the vagina where I am the most sensitive. It is very impressive. I feel like I’m melting into the sensation of the movement.

Of course the ring has its own button so you can change the speed or choose your pattern even without switching the vibrations on. 

What are the 5 buttons for?

The 5 buttons are managing the different functions of the toy. The one in the middle is the separate on and off button, so you can switch off your vibrator fast and easily when you need to without going through the functions one by one. I appreciate this a lot.

Then you have the button for the rabbit, the button for the shaft vibrations and the button for the ring. And as in the Vive Kyra you also have a climax button that turns everything on with full intensity.

The vibrations are pretty quiet. But the ring is louder. Most vibrators that create the sensations of movement, thrusting… are louder because of the moving part. (Yes, I said most, there are some exceptions.) It is not very loud, but there is a difference for sure.

How long can you play with your rabbit?

Hence the Vive vibrators are super powerful they use lots of power. I think this is the weakest point of the brand. When you have 3 motors going on full speed in the Halo  you can have about 40 minutes full play. Of course if you use less functions the play time is going to be more.
The Halo has a magnetic charger and it is totally waterproof.

The material is nice, softer silicone. The rabbit part is very flexible. This head is not as strong as the Kyra rabbit head, hence it is way more flexible and the classic rabbit design.

Check my comparison of the Vive Kyra and Vive Halo out:
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