Let's talk about the rabbit with the climax button

I was told that this was a very powerful rabbit. This would intrigue a lot of people, me not so much. I’m more into variety and extra functions. But I checked it out anyway, and woooow, the Vive Kyra knows some tricks. 

Let's start with what I’ve found intriguing…

The usual rabbits vibrate inside and on the clit as well. Some of them, just like the Vive Kyra, have 2 motors, so that you can control them separately. I just love having a patterned simulation on my clit while the insertable part has continuous vibration. It is mind-blowing. But as I told, this doesn’t make this black beauty unique. What does that mean?

One is that the 2nd motor (the clitoris part) can do pulse waves. And that is something amazing. I'll show that in the video.

If you only choose motor one, then the clitoris part and the insertable part both are vibrating. When you press the 2nd motor button, this is when the pulse waves come to life. It is hard to describe how these waves really feel. Hence it is waves, it is not a constant pressure, but you can feel some movement. It is like a little ball that is pushed out and pulled in very fast. And of course this also has different intensities and patterns. But it is not a ball. :D It just feels like a ball.

But this is not everything. Add the climax button to the picture. I was super curious about this. One of the reasons is that my pussy loves changes close to orgasms. Adding intensity can expand my climax and sensations (so as totally stopping everything). Most of the time I find it hard to manage this with a vibrator. It is much easier with my sex slaves. :) They are less consistent and persistent than a well recharged vibrator (ok, not always) but at the same time much better with my orgasms. I don’t cum with my vibrators as much and as intensely as with a good partner. 

So I was super curious. What the climax button does, it turns all the motors on with maximum intensity. And this is so handy when you otherwise have 2 buttons and several options to go through when you want to cum. This one button just does all of that for you with one simple click. 

Let's talk about the other stuff:  the good and the bad

Regarding the buttons. There are 4 buttons and the 2 motors are more on the side. If you are right handed, you will find that it is easy to handle the 2nd motor, while the 1st is totally uncomfortable. If you are left handed, the opposite is true.

Hence the buttons have some green light around them, if you look under the duvet, you will see which is on and off. :D Actually this comes very handy.

I love that I have a separate power on/off button, so I don’t need to switch the buttons one by one when I feel like finishing my pleasure session.

On the bottom side you will find the magnetic charging spots. I don’t really like the charger of this vibrator. You need a stable, not moving surface for charging (not your bed), otherwise it disconnects. So it is not as reliable as I want it, if the circumstances are not perfect.

According to the box the fully charged Vive Kyra can provide 60 minutes playtime. I find that this depends on how much you use the climax button. So if you use everything at full intensity, this can be a bit less than an hour. I had to charge this vibrator twice in the first week, and I was also testing other toys, so I think this is telling a lot about how much time we spent together. :D My face has been so bright pink after every time. 

There is no satin pouch or something to hold this vibrator, if you don’t keep the box. For a vibrator as beautiful as the Vive Kyra, this is a shame. 

I also miss a lot to have more detailed instructions, especially about the patterns and functions. I know that instructions are not for everybody, but I'm a Virgo, and a practical hedonist, and I love to know my toys well, so that I can master them. I miss a list of the functions patterns. It is much harder to identify my favourite combination without this. I like variety, but I also like to know what my favourites are and how to identify them.

This is a reasonably silent vibrator, especially for this intensity. I was pleasantly surprised with this, and this has always been a huge factor for me.

With the Vive Kyra I have to be more careful about my noise factor. This toy is amazing, and the orgasms I’ve gotten from it have been so intense and expansive, that I just couldn’t stay silent. Yes, I'm the guilty one here, not the rabbit.

The Vive Kyra is a seriously awesome toy to have. Click here to check it out!

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