So you want the best Valentine’s Day gift? Here is your help

Valentine’s Day is all about the appreciation of love and connections. And yes, this can be very irritating for a lot of people, who find this holiday full of expectations. 

But what if you can make this Valentine’s day juicy and satisfying for everybody?

What if this Valentine’s Day can open the gates for something new and exciting?

Adding novelty to your sex life is not for one evening, but way more than that. 

But how to choose the right adulttoys to elevate the pleasure in your relationship?

You don’t want to choose a sex toy? Add a game…

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when it is about sex toys: is vibrators. But there is so much more to add to your sex life, and inspiration and the feeling of an adventure is where everything starts.

Monogamy is a full board game and it is all about sexy challenges to bring you even closer.

You only want tips for the times when you are having sex? The Sex Roulette is a kinky add on for these times. If you prefer dice, start your research here.

Are you into delicious oral play? Then choose the Oral Fun Game

How about some striptease (for him and for her), then the Strip or Tease is what you need.

Maybe you want more. Something that is already put together for you in a beautiful way, and provides you with everything, including sex toys.

The Loveboxxx - Romantic Couples Box - Deluxe Gift Set is perfect for beginners, who are not sure what they need exactly, but want good quality toys.

Oh, and now that we are at the good quality toys section, the most comprehensive set that you can get is the Luxury Advent Calendar. From WeVibe toys to cuffs, from orgasm gel to the male masturbator and anal toys you really get a big, luxurious variety.


Get something for special days


Choose something extra that you wouldn't go for otherwise for a simple day. 


The High on Love - Dark Chocolate Body Paint is decadent, luscious and satisfying. It is made in small batches and from 100% natural ingredients. So perfect for special occasions.


Add some exotic flavours


When you get something for fun and it all comes from curiosity, you are free.

Choose a cocktail flavoured lube. Would you like a Pina Colada or a Sex on the Beach?

This Tropical Temptation massage candle smells and feels amazing. 

Playblue also created a category for their Valentine's Day selection. Click here to check it out.

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