Reviewing The Satisfyer Mono Flex Blended 0rgasm Perfection

Most of my Satisfyer toys are quite good and reliable. I also have a few favorites from them that I actually find amazing. And the Mono Flex is one of these. 

It just didn’t look any special. A normal rabbit, nice light pink with some rose gold details. The size is perfect. I prefer the average size in vibrators. And the Mono Flex is not too big or intimidating. The material is nice as well, so I can easily insert it without much lube even at the beginning of my self-pleasure session.

One of the things that I was the most curious about was the flexibility promised on the packaging. And it is really flexible, but at the same time doesn’t lose the pressure, which is always the question mark in my head when a toy is flexible? Does flexibility mean that I’m losing some of the stability? But I find the Mono Flex just perfect in this area. The material is also superb. It is easy to clean, non sticky silicone. It is waterproof and rechargeable.

My anatomy can be a challenge for some of the toys And I know that I am not the only vulva bodied person with special needs. My vaginal opening is a bit more down, my clitoris is tilted a bit, and not all rabbit vibrators can handle this well, but the Mono Flex is perfect for me.


It has buttons, and it is surprisingly easy to manage them (maybe you have heard me complaining about buttons before :D), even if I can’t see them, but I can also use the Satisfyer Bluetooth app to play with the options a bit more, like synchronizing the vibrations to music or creating my own patterns. I'm a bit geeky, so I love these options, but if I am honest I use them less than I expected. I stay with the classic buttons more.

The vibrations are powerful. So just because it is a small rabbit, it is still a strong rabbit. Wow. And here comes my favorite thing about this vibrator…

When I am using any vibrating toy and I have a clitoral orgasm, often I find that the vibrations are influencing my climax, and my orgasm is less intense or I am unable to expand them as long and intense as I want them. The Vive Kyra is perfect and my vibrating bullet is amazing in this area, because moving them just a little bit helps to elevate my pleasure rather than decrease. The Mono Flex is also outstanding in this area. It is enough to move it slightly, and I don’t have to worry about which button to push, because I can go on and still fly high. I have had some mind blowing orgasms with this rabbit.

I highly recommend the Mono Flex to anybody. It is perfect for a first rabbit, hence the friendly size and flexibility. But if you have already had some vibrators, you will still love it for the power and the effortless manageability.

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